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KI7KIM-5 KI7KIM 06/25 12:21:55z Reply test 31{1
KI7KIM-5 KI7KIM 06/16 18:47:56z Reply test 3{2
XE2TPJ-9 KI7KIM 06/16 17:37:37z Reply Hello Scott
KI7KIM-5 KI7KIM 06/16 16:56:49z Reply test 2{1
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 16:34:41z Reply Removed from CQ
KI7KIM-10 KI7KIM 06/12 14:05:23z Reply CQ CQ CQ de KI7KIM-10 K
KI7KIM-7 KI7KIM 06/12 13:18:06z Reply CQ CQ CQ de KI7KIM-7 K
W7TWR-9 KI7KIM 06/12 13:07:13z Reply glad yoy figured it out {05
W7TWR-9 KI7KIM 06/12 13:00:16z Reply good morning. i saw the msg when i got in my truck this AM {04
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:34:41z Reply 1 messages sent to CQ{04}KR
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 04:34:40z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{KR}03
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:28:38z Reply Sending too soon to CQ{03}KQ
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 04:28:38z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{KQ}02
KI7KIM SM5OEM 06/12 04:23:18z Send another Good evening from Mesa, AZ. USA{KP}
WHO-IS KI7KIM 06/12 04:22:49z Reply format is an invalid command!{KL}KO
KI7KIM WHO-IS 06/12 04:22:48z Send another Good evening from Mesa, AZ. USA.{KO}KK
WHO-IS KI7KIM 06/12 04:22:16z Reply SM5OEM/RONNY LARSSON/Sweden{KK}KN
KI7KIM WHO-IS 06/12 04:22:15z Send another SM5OEM{KN}
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:20:12z Reply Sending too soon to CQ{02}KM
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 04:20:12z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{KM}
KI7KIM WHO-IS 06/12 04:13:06z Send another K7EVR{NW}
ANSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:08:17z Reply or ? GROUP
ANSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:08:17z Reply L=My Groups, CQ/J=Join, U=Unjoin, D=Describe Groups, ?=All Groups,+
ANSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:08:17z Reply D GROUP Description (if Owner)
KI7KIM ANSRVR 06/12 04:08:16z Send another Good Evening{NV}
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:05:38z Reply 1 messages sent to CQ{01}NU
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 04:05:38z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{NU}00
KI7KIM N2QOJ 06/12 04:03:40z Send another Good evening from Mesa, AZ. My name is Scott.{NT}
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 04:00:19z Reply Sending too soon to CQ{00}NS
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 04:00:19z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{NS}ZZ
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 03:56:33z Reply Sending too soon to CQ{ZZ}NR
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 03:56:33z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{NR}ZY
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 03:39:20z Reply 1 messages sent to CQ{ZY}NQ
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 03:39:20z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM{NQ}ZX
KI7KIM W7TWR-9 06/12 02:55:55z Send another Good evening Dan, I think I have this figured out.{NP}
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 02:55:09z Reply Sending too soon to CQ{ZX}NO
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 02:55:09z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{NO}ZW
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/12 02:51:18z Send another ?APRSP
CQSRVR KI7KIM 06/12 02:46:09z Reply 1 messages sent to CQ{ZW}NN
KI7KIM CQSRVR 06/12 02:46:09z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K{NN}
KI7KIM SMSGTE 06/12 02:36:30z Send another @4803108939 Hey kid, what are you doing?{NM}
KI7KIM ON4CKT 06/12 02:19:49z Send another Good evening from Arizona{NL}
KI7KIM WB2MAA 06/11 21:54:00z Send another Hey Rich!{NK}
KI7KIM CQ 06/11 21:46:22z Send another KI7KIM Clear K
KI7KIM KI7KIM-9 06/11 21:40:04z Send another Test{NJ}
KI7KIM-9 KI7KIM 06/11 21:08:08z Reply Hi{4
KI7KIM KI7KIM-9 06/11 21:06:05z Send another Testing{NI}
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:52:52z Send another yes, please do not be a stranger.{NH}SK
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:52:50z Reply 73{SK}NG
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:52:00z Reply if you want , later continues with chat{SJ}NG
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:51:19z Send another need to get back to my numbes. 73 KI7KIM{NG}SI
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:51:18z Send another Well Walter, thank you for the contact. I have you logged and I+{NF}SI
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:51:09z Reply very nice chat with you{SI}NE
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:50:51z Reply Scott....i finish my work day{SH}NE
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:50:24z Reply :){SG}NE
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:50:20z Reply no,no....:={SF}NE
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:48:34z Send another very nice! you should not have any problems with that. KI7KIM{NE}SE
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:47:46z Reply yes...210m, aprox 700ft over level sea{SE}ND
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:45:36z Send another peak to setup on?{ND}SD
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:45:35z Send another It should still be pretty easy to set one up. Do you have a local+{NC}SD
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:44:56z Reply we are only friend, no club{SD}NB
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:43:38z Send another you have a club to help with funding?{NB}SC
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:43:37z Send another well, that makes a quorum so it should work well for you all. Do+{NA}SC
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:43:03z Reply one is my brother, LU9ESQ{SC}MZ
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:42:45z Reply lol....we are a group, 4 ham, that like this activity...{SB}MZ
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:41:49z Send another Sounds like you are guy to fix that problem.{MZ}SA
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:34:53z Reply there are not repeater here....and is neccesary{SA}MY
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:33:33z Send another would solve a lot of the problem.{MY}RZ
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:33:32z Send another I would love to be able to install a more local repeater. That+{MX}RZ
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:29:09z Reply with vertex vhf base with KPC3 Kantronics{RZ}MW
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:28:37z Reply the city{RY}MW
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:28:36z Reply i have same problem....therefore we thinking install a repeater in+{RX}MW
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:27:06z Send another but the repeaters are too far away.{MW}RW
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:27:05z Send another I am new at this as well. I am trying to use my Kenwood TH-D74A+{MV}RW
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:25:41z Reply connected my weather station too{RW}MU
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:25:40z Reply From Argentina are welcome. I'm new in aprs, but i+{RV}MU
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:23:36z Send another APRS.{MU}RU
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:23:35z Send another well, hello from North America. thank you for coming back to me on+{MT}RU
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:22:11z Reply My name is Walter, i'm in OLavarria, BA{RU}MS
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:21:02z Send another Phoenix, AZ.{MS}RT
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:21:01z Send another My name is Scott by the way currently in South Mountain village in+{MR}RT
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:20:59z Send another Same here, I am in the middle of crunching some serious numbers.+{MQ}RT
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:20:02z Reply In Work, but doing aprs too....LOL{RT}MP
KI7KIM LU8ESQ-10 06/11 18:19:22z Send another Very good sir. how are you doing?{MP}RS
LU8ESQ-10 KI7KIM 06/11 18:18:57z Reply hi!!..How are you?{RS}
KI7KIM CQ 06/11 18:18:30z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM K
KI7KIM CQ 06/11 16:27:25z Send another CQ CQ CQ DE KI7KIM
KI7KIM-9 KI7KIM 06/11 10:54:14z Reply testing{1
KI7KIM KI7KIM 06/09 23:22:10z Send another test{0
KI7KIM NT5HS-3 06/09 21:58:18z Send another Good afternoon{9
KI7KIM ON4CKT 06/09 21:46:25z Send another I apologize, I had forgot to enter my call sign in your guest book.{7
KI7KIM WB2MAA 06/09 21:45:22z Send another Hi Rich!{8
KI7KIM ON4CKT 06/09 19:24:32z Send another I am having trouble logging my entry, I will keep trying.{6
KI7KIM ON4CKT 06/09 19:07:12z Send another hello from Mesa Arizoa{5
ON4CKT KI7KIM 06/09 19:06:32z Reply Scott, pleace leave a message in my guestbook on thanks!{32
ON4CKT KI7KIM 06/09 19:03:54z Reply Hello from ON4CKT Rudy in Belgium.{29
KI7KIM WD9EWK-9 06/09 19:03:32z Send another Wow! You are my first APRS contact.{7
KI7KIM KF7DPX-1 06/09 16:30:01z Send another Good morning{3
KI7KIM KB6CIA-9 06/07 18:38:09z Send another mmmmm...krabby patties!{6