KI7HML-7 messages

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KI7HML-7 WB7TIM-9 02/14 14:40:30z Send another howdy{11
KI7HML-7 AG7FW-9 02/08 14:19:46z Send another good morning{10
KI7HML-7 AG7FW-9 02/08 14:16:27z Send another good morning{09
KI7HML-7 WB7TIM-9 02/03 14:37:27z Send another that picure looked crazy{08
KI7HML-7 WB7TIM-9 02/03 14:33:11z Send another thought id change it up this morning {07
WB7TIM-9 KI7HML-7 02/03 14:31:18z Reply crayzy miorning{85
WB7TIM-9 KI7HML-7 02/03 14:26:01z Reply hi bro {84
KI7HML-7 WB7TIM-9 02/03 14:23:35z Send another good morning{06
N7QIN-14 KI7HML-7 01/17 16:46:11z Reply Hi Troy{8
KI7HML-7 AG7EX-9 01/17 15:08:15z Send another good morning{05
KI7HML-7 AG7EX-9 01/17 15:06:33z Send another good morning{04
KI7HML-7 K7IW-7 01/11 18:53:07z Send another all im getting is a single word once in a while squlch wide open{03
K7IW-9 KI7HML-7 01/11 17:46:08z Reply Thanks! Now at trailhead with a mile hike up.{03
KI7HML-7 K7IW-9 01/11 16:52:17z Send another congrats on the new radio {02
KI7HML-7 K7IW-9 01/11 16:47:13z Send another howdy{01