KI4ASK-7 messages

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KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:46:17z Send another hey bryan{24
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:44:59z Send another hey bryan{26
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:44:47z Send another hey bryan{22
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:44:44z Send another hey bryan{21
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:44:38z Send another hey bryan{18
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:44:17z Send another hey bryan{12
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:43:10z Send another hey bryan{28
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:42:32z Send another hey bryan{19
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:42:27z Send another hey bryan{17
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/10 11:42:02z Send another hey bryan{10
KI4ASK-7 K4RGK-2 09/08 15:13:13z Send another hi Daryl{0
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 09/07 00:19:28z Reply Hello Joe!{16
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 09/07 00:17:00z Send another Hello{08
KI4ASK-7 AK4EJ-1 09/01 22:54:36z Send another Hello{05
KI4ASK-7 KF4TJY-8 09/01 22:53:35z Send another Hello{06
KD2OJQ-7 KI4ASK-7 08/28 16:11:27z Reply Heard you FM03 Myrtle Beach SC{5
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 08/28 16:08:58z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 08/27 16:57:07z Reply QSL - 73!!
KI4ASK-7 XE3ARV-2 08/27 16:56:58z Send another 73 via ISS{1
KI4ASK-7 K4KDR-6 08/27 16:56:56z Send another 73 via ISS{0
KI4ASK-7 K4RGK-4 08/22 21:39:11z Send another Hello daryl{04
KI4ASK-7 KI4IHZ-7 08/21 20:59:58z Send another Hello{03
KI4ASK-7 KE4UW-9 08/21 20:57:13z Send another Hello{02
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 08/21 11:55:19z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{21
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 08/20 19:16:47z Reply QSL. Thanks QSO via ISS! 73 de K4KDR Scott FM17es
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 08/18 20:51:29z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{18
KM4HRR-7 KI4ASK-7 08/18 12:45:10z Reply Heard in GS:FM18iw Reston,VA{46
KM4HRR-7 KI4ASK-7 08/18 12:44:11z Reply Heard in GS:FM18iw Reston,VA{43
KI4ASK-7 KN4FRK 08/17 22:16:53z Send another Hello{99
KI4ASK-7 KB1LNA-4 08/17 22:12:07z Send another Hello{98
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 08/15 21:38:37z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{4
KA4NYW KI4ASK-7 08/14 14:18:03z Reply grid em75{21
KD2OJQ-7 KI4ASK-7 08/14 14:17:55z Reply Heard you FM03 Myrtle Beach SC{4
N1RCN-6 KI4ASK-7 08/14 14:16:21z Reply Hello from Florida!
KI4ASK-7 KI4NBY-1 08/12 23:20:58z Send another He
KI4ASK-7 KI4NBY-1 08/12 23:20:55z Send another Hello{95
KC4CSX-9 KI4ASK-7 08/11 23:06:27z Reply HOWDY{5
KI4ASK-7 KC4CSX-9 08/11 23:01:03z Send another Hello{93
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-7 08/11 22:58:19z Send another yes!{94
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 08/10 22:17:12z Reply Get those steps in dodging rain drops!{A8680
KI4ASK-7 K7WOF-1 08/10 21:23:40z Send another Hello{89
KI4ASK-7 KD4UYP-9 08/10 21:21:37z Send another Hello{90
KI4ASK-7 NR4N-9 08/10 21:20:21z Send another Hello{88
KI4ASK-7 AG4MR-9 08/10 21:19:37z Send another Hello{87
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 08/03 21:46:29z Reply You're getting a few steps in!{DA8B9
KI4ASK-7 WB4ZIF-7 08/03 21:14:56z Send another Hello{86
KI4ASK-7 W4DKZ-9 07/28 21:58:45z Send another Hello{85
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/28 00:19:17z Send another got it{84
W8BYH-7 KI4ASK-7 07/28 00:17:50z Reply Hello again{22
W8BYH-7 KI4ASK-7 07/28 00:14:32z Reply Hello again{21
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/28 00:10:59z Send another Hello again{83
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/27 23:30:18z Send another hi brian{81
KI4ASK-7 K4RGK-4 07/27 22:55:08z Send another Hello{80
KI4ASK-7 K4RGK-4 07/27 22:42:45z Send another Hello{79
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/27 22:35:43z Send another Hello{78
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/27 22:20:48z Send another Hello{77
KI4ASK-7 WC4FM-9 07/27 21:56:29z Send another Hello{76
KI4ASK-7 W4CVL-9 07/27 21:56:28z Send another Hello{75
KI4ASK-7 AB4NX-14 07/27 21:47:35z Send another Hello larry{73
KI4ASK-7 AB4NX-14 07/27 21:46:28z Send another Hello larry{74
KI4ASK-7 KE4UW-9 07/27 21:39:48z Send another Hello{72
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 07/26 21:17:40z Reply de n1rcn qsl?
KI4ASK-7 KF4DVW-7 07/26 20:44:31z Send another Hello{71
KI4ASK-7 N4XQS-9 07/26 20:36:14z Send another Hello{70
KI4ASK-7 K3JAR 07/24 22:53:24z Send another 73 via ISS{4
KI4ASK-7 W9QO 07/24 22:53:23z Send another 73 via ISS{3
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 07/24 22:52:42z Reply AA:Greetings from K5DNA EM35
KI4ASK-7 K5DNA 07/24 22:52:05z Send another 73 via ISS{2
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 07/24 22:51:32z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{0
W4CVL-9 KI4ASK-7 07/24 00:08:12z Reply Ack{4
KI4ASK-7 WC4Y-9 07/24 00:07:51z Send another Hello{68
KI4ASK-7 W4CVL-9 07/24 00:07:02z Send another Hello{67
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-7 07/21 23:52:41z Send another beacon your posn{65
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-7 07/21 23:47:14z Send another got it{63
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 07/21 23:44:23z Reply I copy you in both places{F3C6C
KD4CHW KI4ASK-7 07/21 23:44:11z Reply i copy{08
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW 07/21 23:42:54z Send another hey tommy!{62
KD4CHW KI4ASK-7 07/21 23:23:50z Reply hey joe from tommy{07
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 07/21 23:22:15z Reply I can cheat and send via the app too lol{C0E2B
KF4TJY-9 KI4ASK-7 07/21 12:59:50z Reply hello{8
KF4TJY-9 KI4ASK-7 07/21 12:58:24z Reply h{7
KA7UTD-9 KI4ASK-7 07/21 12:48:36z Reply hello{01
KI4ASK-7 KF4TJY-9 07/21 12:44:46z Send another Hello{60
KI4ASK-7 N4JAH-9 07/21 12:43:46z Send another Hello{61
KI4ASK-7 KA7UTD-9 07/21 12:37:58z Send another Hello{59
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/21 12:35:55z Send another 146535{58
KI4ASK-7 W8BYH-7 07/21 12:22:31z Send another go navy{57
KI4ASK-7 KN4FRK 07/19 23:09:49z Send another Hello{52
KI4ASK-7 KM4ESU-3 07/19 23:02:41z Send another Hello{49
KI4ASK-7 WC4FM-9 07/19 23:01:32z Send another Hello{51
KI4ASK-7 KD4EXS-9 07/19 23:00:37z Send another Hello{50
KI4ASK-7 KN4HKB-7 07/19 22:58:49z Send another Hello{48
KI4ASK-7 W4CVL-9 07/19 22:51:43z Send another Hello{47
KI4ASK-7 KM4ESU-3 07/19 20:07:29z Send another Hello{46
KI4ASK-7 KN4RQL-9 07/19 19:58:15z Send another Hello{45
KI4ASK-7 KC4GCK-7 07/19 14:45:24z Send another Hello{44
KI4ASK-7 KK4YLX 07/18 14:37:01z Send another good luck 2day{43
KI4ASK-7 K4SJR 07/18 14:35:55z Send another good luck 2day{42
KI4ASK-7 W4JEW-5 07/18 14:34:39z Send another good luck 2day{41
WXBOT KI4ASK-7 07/18 12:26:14z Reply rport, Temp:79 wind:300@6,a few clouds{OE