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WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/21 00:20:18z Reply is 80%. New rainfall amounts between 2 and 3 inches possible.{TA
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/21 00:20:13z Reply to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph. Chance of precipitation{SZ
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/21 00:20:08z Reply ging winds, and heavy rain. Low around 64. South southeast wind 18{SY
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/21 00:20:03z Reply d thunderstorms. Some storms could be severe, with large hail, dama{SX
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/21 00:19:58z Reply 3 Miles E Tinker Air Force Base OK. Flood Watch, Tonight,Showers an{SW
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/13 20:52:21z Reply unny, with a high near 75. South wind around 15 mph.{EI
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/13 20:52:16z Reply 4 Miles NW Doniphan NE. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,S{EH
KI4AQD-14 WXBOT 05/06 21:27:47z Send another AA:RCVD
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 21:27:25z Reply r 68. East northeast wind around 10 mph.{NA
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 21:27:20z Reply hance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a high nea{MZ
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 21:27:15z Reply Walker KS. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,A 30 percent c{MY
KB6LTY-3 KI4AQD-14 05/06 19:28:30z Reply HELLO DE CHRISTY DM14
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 14:59:34z Reply ounts possible in thunderstorms.{MG
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 14:59:29z Reply rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher am{MF
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 14:59:24z Reply uth southwest wind 3 to 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New{ME
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 14:59:18z Reply nd thunderstorms after 5pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 76. So{MD
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 14:59:14z Reply ers and thunderstorms before 4pm, then a slight chance of showers a{MC
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 05/06 14:59:09z Reply 2 Miles SSE Boonville MO. Flash Flood Watch, Today,A chance of show{MB
KI4AQD-14 WXBOT 05/06 14:59:01z Send another full{3
KC0NUK-9 KI4AQD-14 04/29 21:04:14z Reply 73's{14
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/29 16:53:11z Reply high as 30 mph.{HE
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/29 16:53:06z Reply 8. Breezy, with a north northwest wind 15 to 20 mph, with gusts as{HD
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/29 16:53:01z Reply 4 Miles NE Doniphan NE. Today,Increasing clouds, with a high near 5{HC
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/28 16:01:40z Reply tly sunny, with a high near 60. North northwest wind 10 to 13 mph.{FE
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/28 16:01:35z Reply 3 Miles NW South Salt Lake UT. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Mos{FD
AG7SM-8 KI4AQD-14 04/28 14:21:24z Reply Hi from CN87tm in WA{2
KI4AQD-14 WXBOT 04/27 15:31:06z Send another AA:MSG RCVD
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 15:30:03z Reply in the afternoon.{EI
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 15:29:58z Reply ny, with a high near 70. South wind 6 to 10 mph becoming northwest{EH
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 15:29:53z Reply 3 Miles NW South Salt Lake UT. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Sun{EG
KI4AQD-14 WXBOT 04/27 15:29:45z Send another FULL{17
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 03:34:48z Reply tation is 20%.{CT
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 03:34:43z Reply mph becoming light and variable after midnight. Chance of precipi{CS
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 03:34:38z Reply arly, then becoming clear, with a low around 47. North wind 5 to 8{CR
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 03:34:33z Reply solated showers and thunderstorms before midnight. Mostly cloudy e{CQ
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/27 03:34:28z Reply 3 Miles NW South Salt Lake UT. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,I{CP
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/21 23:31:54z Reply ght,Partly Cloudy Low 62{OT
WXBOT KI4AQD-14 04/21 23:31:49z Reply 3 Miles E Tinker Air Force Base OK. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Toni{OS
KI4AQD-14 WXBOT 04/21 23:31:41z Send another BRIEF{4