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NH7WN KH6OWL 04/19 01:58:56z Reply UISS FORMAT
NH7WN KH6OWL 04/19 01:58:38z Reply CQ help pse. Fomat for email?
KH6OWL WXBOT 04/18 02:03:36z Send another Honolulu, Hawaii
KH6OWL NH6IT 04/17 23:22:48z Send another TEST form Messsage data
SMSGTE KH6OWL 04/16 20:00:52z Reply @KD0GG Hello from KD0GG using SMSGTE from my cellphone{M7687
G6LFT-7 KH6OWL 04/15 20:04:23z Reply Hi from Graham - G6LFT{79EDE
N7UWX-14 KH6OWL 04/14 23:25:56z Reply Testing from Utah.{6D379
XE2VLG-7 KH6OWL 04/14 23:10:47z Reply Hi from north of Mexico {1
SMSGTE KH6OWL 04/14 22:31:34z Reply @3073899405 Test message de KJ7IVE. 73{M7425
KH6OWL KC1HHO-9 04/14 22:21:25z Send another Thanks, it come to the computer but not the radio?{PT}
KC5FM-9 KH6OWL 04/14 22:20:34z Reply It worked{90CBC
KC1HHO-9 KH6OWL 04/14 22:20:34z Reply Hello from Quincy MA
KH6OWL KC5FM-9 04/14 22:19:41z Send another Test de kh6owl{PS}
KC5FM-9 KH6OWL 04/14 22:09:34z Reply Test.{E12D4
KH6OWL W8IBT-7 04/14 21:44:25z Send another i sent you a APRS message from Hawaii. I was born in KY{PR}
WHO-IS KH6OWL 04/14 21:41:02z Reply E/DEBRA K BARTON/KY/United States{UL}PQ
KH6OWL WHO-IS 04/14 21:41:02z Send another W8IBT{PQ}UK
WHO-IS KH6OWL 04/14 21:40:33z Reply G/ALAN C MC CLAIN/TN/United States{UK}PP
KH6OWL WHO-IS 04/14 21:40:33z Send another KA4BNI{PP}
KH6OWL WA7UAR-9 04/14 07:33:13z Send another ?APRSP
EMAIL-2 KH6OWL 04/14 01:13:18z Reply Email sent to{OY}UY
KH6OWL EMAIL-2 04/14 01:13:18z Send another TEst APRS -IS{UY}
KH6OWL VA3BZP-9 04/14 01:11:41z Send another Using APRS-IS and learning it.{UX}
KH6OWL KJ7UET 04/14 01:09:06z Send another Great{UW}
KH6OWL KH6OWL 04/06 03:57:00z Send another QRZ de Kh6owl
WXBOT KH6OWL 04/06 03:47:59z Reply Unable to find location for KH6OWL
KH6OWL WXBOT 04/06 03:47:55z Send another Honolulu
KH6OWL KH6OWL 04/06 02:12:46z Send another TEST TO SMS DMR
KH6OWL KH6WOL 04/06 02:09:14z Send another TEST SMS to DMR
KH6OWL PY2KK 04/05 19:25:51z Send another I tried 22:49
PY2KK KH6OWL 04/05 19:23:46z Reply 73 GL
PY2KK KH6OWL 04/05 17:41:30z Reply Pls UTC time in many thanks 73
PY2KK KH6OWL 04/04 22:49:26z Reply Contact REGISTERED in LoTW, QRZ.COM, 73GL