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WXBOT KH6OWL 06/25 20:59:26z Reply Kapolei HI. Flash Flood Watch, Today,Heavy Rain 90% High 82
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/24 20:25:22z Reply owers 40% High 88
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/24 20:25:17z Reply Kapolei HI. Flash Flood Watch, Today,Partly Sunny then Scattered Sh
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/17 06:49:30z Reply Kapolei HI. Tonight,Mostly Clear Low 70
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/17 06:49:26z Send another Kapolei HI
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/16 00:28:48z Reply Ewa Beach HI. High Surf Advisory, This Afternoon,Sunny High 90
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/16 00:28:46z Send another Kapolei, HI
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/14 07:45:09z Reply Kapolei HI. High Surf Advisory, Tonight,Mostly Clear Low 70
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/09 08:21:17z Reply Kapolei HI. Tonight,Clear Low 70
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/07 06:02:54z Reply Kapolei HI. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 69
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/06 07:22:56z Reply Kapolei HI. Tonight,Heavy Rain 20% Low 70
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/06 07:22:50z Send another Kapolei Hawaii
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/04 02:52:43z Reply 70
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/04 02:52:38z Reply Kapolei HI. Tonight,Partly Cloudy and Breezy then Partly Cloudy Low
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/04 02:52:35z Send another Hawaii
KH6OWL KD0JHI 06/03 06:30:16z Send another Test from KH6OWL
KH6OWL WH6TFQ 06/03 01:13:37z Send another Hello hope you are having fun on the mainland
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 23:41:19z Reply Aloha{C000h
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 23:41:04z Send another OK, thanks for the coms check aloha and 73
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 23:10:47z Reply ?{C000f
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 23:10:45z Reply Isn't that how it always works{C000e
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 23:10:30z Send another when I order a radio they will come out with a map one
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 23:09:07z Reply It would make sense, to me, though.{C000d
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 23:08:59z Reply Not that I've seen. {C000c
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 23:06:57z Send another Do they make those
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 23:01:16z Reply I'd really like to have an APRS radio that has a built-in map display.{C000b
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 23:00:49z Send another and touch screen
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 23:00:33z Send another I think I will go with the FT400XDR built in GPS
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:56:08z Reply I really liked the D700 and D7 radios. Unfortunately, they didn't have built-in GPSs. The new D710 and D72 radios have built-in GPSs but added lots of complexity with the menus and such.{C000a
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 22:54:36z Send another What is your best APRS radio
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:51:51z Reply Well, if you're used to Yaesu radios, that might be the way to go. {C0009
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 22:51:14z Send another All my Radios are Yaeus's, 1 kenwood ht
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:49:00z Reply I had a Yaesu radio but I've never been impressed by them. For APRS I've found the Kenwood radios to be the best.{C0008
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 22:48:00z Send another Thining of the FT 400XDR
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:46:16z Reply I have a few APRS radios and love them all. I, too, am on a computer right now.{C0007
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/02 22:27:11z Send another Whitesburg KY
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 22:21:19z Send another sending from my computer now
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 22:21:05z Send another Looking at getting an APRS radio
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:19:18z Reply 73{C0006
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:18:19z Reply No problem. I'm just testing some software here.{C0005
KH6OWL WG3K-1 06/02 22:17:52z Send another Thank you. Aloha 73
WG3K-1 KH6OWL 06/02 22:17:18z Reply It works! :){C0004
WG3K-5 KH6OWL 06/02 22:16:21z Reply it works{1
KH6OWL WG3K-5 06/02 22:16:01z Send another Test
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/02 22:13:52z Send another Lextington KY
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/02 22:11:16z Reply $
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/02 22:11:11z Reply KNEW 022153Z 32005KT 10SM CLR 33/19 A2989 RMK AO2 SLP114 T03330194
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/02 22:11:07z Send another New York Weather
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/02 22:10:34z Reply Kapolei HI. This Afternoon,Sunny and Breezy High 89
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/02 22:10:30z Send another Los Angeles
KH6OWL AH6P 06/02 22:01:51z Send another If you get this can your reply please. Im testing my system.
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/02 22:00:31z Reply Honolulu HI. This Afternoon,Isolated Showers and Breezy 20% High 89
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/02 22:00:29z Send another Honolulu, HI
KH6OWL KH6OWL 06/02 21:47:41z Send another Test test
KH6OWL WH6KK 06/02 21:36:40z Send another Test of message via the PC
WXBOT KH6OWL 06/02 21:28:55z Reply Kapolei HI. Today,Sunny and Breezy High 89
KH6OWL WXBOT 06/02 21:28:51z Send another Heater Hawaii