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W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/16 20:47:34z Reply AA:Human not here. Please input message data.
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/16 20:47:33z Send another Good night then. {18
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/16 20:34:37z Reply to bed now. Finally. :){GQ}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/16 20:33:28z Reply via LGU.{GP}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/16 20:33:23z Reply kd7giz had aettings wrong. Now I get you direct. Well, at least+{GO}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/16 20:32:25z Send another Of what? {17
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/16 20:31:01z Reply Test{GN}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:45:11z Reply Nice. I am TX on RF. OK I am done. Later.{CB}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:44:41z Reply Just a test.....{CA}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:43:46z Reply See you later.{BZ}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:42:32z Reply Looks like we had a direct contact.{BY}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:38:59z Reply Ok. Have a good day.{BX}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:38:49z Send another I will catch you later, perhaps tonight{16
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:38:35z Send another Well fix it. I am going to have my lunch now before I leave. {15
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:37:43z Reply other stuff. Receives just fine and Igates. But no TX out.{BW}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:37:36z Reply Been trying to figure out why my APRX is not TX gating MSG and+{BV}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:35:54z Send another Bluetooth to the PK-88 here at home{14
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:35:41z Send another No it does not. I have a tablet with a huge battery paired via{13
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:35:31z Reply Oh... I thought it to be a home station hence the icon.{BU}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:34:42z Reply I guess it does not respond to APRS queries.{BT}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:34:01z Send another I am running APRSDroid{12
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:34:01z Reply haha{BS}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:33:43z Send another I sat down to have lunch and began to hear a strange noise. {11
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:33:15z Reply Ahhh. What APRS are you running?{BR}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 03/15 20:32:49z Send another I just got back home{10
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:32:11z Reply ?APRS?
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:31:45z Reply Hmmmm. Not getting any replies.{BQ}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:31:06z Reply ?VER
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/15 20:30:29z Reply ?APRSS
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/13 19:37:07z Reply Hello. Just saying hi. :){EK}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/04 14:05:11z Reply ?APRST
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 03/04 14:04:53z Reply ?APRSS?
KG7RDR-10 KG7RDR 02/21 05:58:05z Reply Test{1
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 02/05 05:27:15z Send another When there's more snow. {9
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 02/04 12:47:19z Reply ?APRSV
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 02/04 12:46:34z Reply When you want to go snowmobiling?{QM}
KG7RDR N7ERV 02/01 20:52:36z Send another Hello!!! {WN}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/29 05:40:11z Reply seconds or so on NJ7J-10.{KL}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/29 05:40:03z Reply See if you can make contact with NJ7J. He is beaconing evey 3+{KK}
KG7RDR-10 KG7RDR 01/28 18:31:33z Reply test2{5
KG7RDR-10 KG7RDR 01/28 18:31:18z Reply kg7rdr{4
KG7RDR-10 KG7RDR 01/28 18:30:52z Reply test 123{3
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 20:29:15z Send another That's okay. Perhaps I will catch you this evening, enjoy yoursleep{8
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/27 17:32:24z Reply right now.{KJ}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/27 17:32:12z Reply sorry I missed your message about Mt.Logan. And heading to bed+{KI}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 09:25:35z Send another Can you get on mount Logan, I should be able to hit it from my HT{7
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 09:19:56z Send another Then everything got hot. I was about four hours late starting{6
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 09:19:27z Send another Had to solder together an audio interface{5
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 09:18:43z Send another Then my power supply fan failed, and then a blown fuse{4
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 09:17:58z Send another great things to say, and our club meeting went overtime. {3
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 09:17:35z Send another I love it. But today some recently moved in ham had a lot of {2
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/27 09:15:43z Reply Winter feild day huh. Never heard of that one.{KH}
KG7RDR W7BOZ-4 01/27 01:40:26z Send another That's too bad. We are in the process of winter field day right now{1
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/25 11:54:04z Reply Loving getting back to APRSIS/32! Xastir is a train wreck!{HA}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/25 11:52:07z Reply Test message watching my Igate.{GZ}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/25 11:50:11z Reply Fun to get an APRS message huh.{GY}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/25 11:48:57z Reply I have a favor to ask you. Call or text me later in the evening.{GX}
W7BOZ-4 KG7RDR 01/25 11:48:03z Reply Whats up? Anything new going on with you?{GW}
KG7RDR N7UWX-12 01/21 18:02:54z Send another Tyler, how's the snow in Logan? {3
KG7RDR N7ERV 01/20 05:43:28z Send another Kevin! {4
KG7RDR KE7TAS-9 01/19 20:27:56z Send another Happy Saturday Spencer, and a glass of Lemonade. {1
KG7RDR N7ERV 01/18 08:26:17z Send another Are you still out and about? {3
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/18 08:25:02z Send another Hey. I just got my TNC mostly fixed. A bit more soldering is all{1
K7RKL-14 KG7RDR 01/16 18:56:40z Reply 73 de Bob K7RKL
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 18:56:33z Send another 73, Bret KG7RDR{MA}
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 18:52:16z Send another plow.{LZ}
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 18:51:35z Send another here. I just came in from doing their job with a quad and a broken+{LY}
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 18:49:16z Send another Oh fun, hopefully their plows have done a better job than the ones+{LX}
K7RKL-14 KG7RDR 01/16 18:48:26z Reply Idaho Falls{32
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 18:46:00z Send another Where you heading to?{LW}
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 18:08:38z Send another AA:Not at shack desk, Sorry.
K7RKL-14 KG7RDR 01/16 18:08:33z Reply thanks 73{31
KG7RDR K7RKL-14 01/16 17:26:44z Send another Hello, enjoy the snow!{LV}
KG7RDR KG7RDR-10 01/16 06:59:37z Send another it works{NH}
KG7RDR-10 KG7RDR 01/16 06:59:01z Reply hello, 1234567890{2
KG7RDR-10 KG7RDR 01/16 06:58:35z Reply testing{1
KG7RDR VA6RV-9 01/15 23:04:49z Send another Hello Traveler!{NG}
KF6QPD KG7RDR 01/13 14:01:14z Reply Good morning traveler, enjoy your trip and be safe!{01
KG7RDR LU7HQW 01/11 20:51:45z Send another Hello Aldo, I sent you an email but thought this would be a better+{DU}
KG7RDR KF6QPD 01/11 17:14:13z Send another Good morning traveler, enjoy your trip and be safe!{DT}
KG7RDR W5OTR-14 01/11 06:20:48z Send another Hello traveler, best travels to you from KG7RDR.{CG}
KG7RDR KI7ZAF 01/11 04:45:13z Send another Good evening, hope your travels are good!{CF}
KG7RDR AC7II-8 01/10 19:44:32z Send another Hope you are having a good afternoon Ted, safe driving.{RZ}