KG5GKC messages

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KG5GKC KG5GKC 10/09 14:13:35z Send another PARM.Avg 10m,Avg 10m,RxPkts,IGateDropRx,TxPkts
KG5GKC KG5GKC 09/16 17:37:21z Send another EQNS.0,0.005,0,0,0.005,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
KG5GKC KG5GKC 09/15 19:34:15z Send another UNIT.Rx Erlang,Tx Erlang,count/10m,count/10m,count/10m
KG5NAV-10 KG5GKC 08/19 15:45:57z Reply i been trying to get my base station set back up, having trouble RX{3
KG5NAV-10 KG5GKC 08/19 03:06:23z Reply im back at home i got caugt with no doors on {2
KG5NAV-10 KG5GKC 08/19 03:05:50z Reply wi{1
KG5GKC KG5NAV-10 08/19 01:04:41z Send another I see you on APRS, be careful out there. wide tires and standing water no bueno.{M0001