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KG4LIO-9 KG4NVN-12 02/23 16:15:35z Send another Hello philip try to stay dry!!!{16
KG4NVN-12 KG4LIO-9 02/23 16:12:12z Reply You too.{1
KG4NVN-12 KG4LIO-9 02/23 16:09:23z Reply Hello Matt!!
KG4LIO-9 KN4ORP-9 02/21 22:58:41z Send another hey david{15
W4NWT-1 KG4LIO-9 02/19 22:26:26z Reply I'M TRYING YOU ALSO STAY DRY!{01
KG4LIO-9 W4NWT-1 02/19 22:06:08z Send another stay dry{14
KG4LIO-9 W4NWT-9 02/18 21:20:29z Send another Good afternoon bobby hope youre havimg a blessed day{13
W4NWT-9 KG4LIO-9 02/13 02:45:33z Reply Good evening{21
W4NWT-5 KG4LIO-9 02/11 21:08:16z Reply good evening safe boating out there!{01
W4NWT-1 KG4LIO-9 01/31 23:56:23z Reply GOOD EVENING{01
KG4LIO-9 KG4NVN-12 01/14 21:12:59z Send another you too!!!{12
KG4NVN-12 KG4LIO-9 01/14 21:10:02z Reply By the way, you are tracking well!
KG4NVN-12 KG4LIO-9 01/14 21:09:38z Reply See ya later!!
KG4NVN-12 KG4LIO-9 01/14 20:59:54z Reply Have a good evening Matt!!
KG4LIO-9 K6MOX-1 01/13 15:53:41z Send another 147.210 - offset 107.2 tone{11
KG4LIO-9 K6MOX-1 01/13 15:51:22z Send another welcome to tennessee{10
KG4LIO-9 W4NWT-1 01/08 23:11:56z Send another you too 73's{09
KG4LIO-9 KG4NVN-12 01/04 22:29:26z Send another Hello Matt!!{08
AB4WL KG4LIO-9 12/29 13:58:02z Reply ?APRSS