KG4IPM-10 messages

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W4GCW KG4IPM-10 09/19 17:53:56z Reply I'm receiving your test beacons in APRS messages, good luck. 73,Don{RK}
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 09/16 01:39:27z Reply E/RICHARD S DOVE/FL/United States{GO}GY
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 09/16 01:39:27z Send another WB4ROX{GY}
WXBOT KG4IPM-10 09/16 01:37:22z Reply st northwest wind around 10 mph.{NN}GX
WXBOT KG4IPM-10 09/16 01:37:17z Reply ce of showers before 11pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 76. We{NM}GX
WXBOT KG4IPM-10 09/16 01:37:12z Reply 2 Miles S Malabar FL. High Surf Advisory, Tonight,A 20 percent chan{NL}GX
KG4IPM-10 WXBOT 09/16 01:37:10z Send another full{GX}NK
WXBOT KG4IPM-10 09/16 01:36:55z Reply wers then Mostly Cloudy 20% Low 76{NK}GW
WXBOT KG4IPM-10 09/16 01:36:50z Reply 2 Miles S Malabar FL. High Surf Advisory, Tonight,Slight Chance Sho{NJ}GW
KG4IPM-10 WXBOT 09/16 01:36:47z Send another r{GW}
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 09/10 20:57:26z Reply T/Matthew A Rosenquist/FL/United States{DO}EW
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 09/10 20:57:26z Send another KG4IPM{EW}
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 09/10 03:47:16z Reply T/Matthew A Rosenquist/FL/United States{DN}EV
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 09/10 03:47:16z Send another KG4IPM{EV}
KG4IPM-10 KG4IPM-7 08/30 17:37:55z Send another hi{AU}
KG4IPM-10 KG4IPM-7 08/30 17:27:25z Send another this is oh so fun with summer{AT}
KG4IPM-10 KG4IPM-7 08/30 17:27:06z Send another text{AS}
KG4IPM-7 KG4IPM-10 08/30 17:27:01z Reply hello{3
KG4IPM-7 KG4IPM-10 08/30 17:24:55z Reply Test Msg{2
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 08/23 19:17:10z Reply T/Matthew A Rosenquist/FL/United States{W2}UC
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 08/23 19:17:10z Send another KG4IPM{UC}
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 08/23 15:35:08z Reply E/WILLARD E BRYAN, jr/FL/United States{W1}UB
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 08/23 15:35:08z Send another AA4CU{UB}W0
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 08/23 14:36:27z Reply G/Jan W Goodman/FL/United States{W0}UA
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 08/23 14:36:26z Send another KK4GGJ{UA}VZ
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 08/23 14:08:49z Reply C/Polk County Emergency Management/FL/United States{VZ}TZ
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 08/23 14:08:49z Send another WC4PEM{TZ}
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 08/23 00:15:32z Reply E/Gerald R Phelps/FL/United States{VY}LV
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 08/23 00:15:31z Send another KJ4IMP{LV}
WHO-IS KG4IPM-10 08/22 14:05:14z Reply G/Mark E Hogan/FL/United States{VX}LU
KG4IPM-10 WHO-IS 08/22 14:05:14z Send another KI4SWB{LU}