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KC1HHO-9 KG4FVR-10 05/25 14:19:37z Reply i like going out that way, so different once you get past 495{44
KG4FVR-10 KC1HHO-9 05/25 14:18:13z Send another yes it is{3
KC1HHO-9 KG4FVR-10 05/25 14:16:10z Reply that's like a whole different world out there, a lot of open space{42
KG4FVR-10 KC1HHO-9 05/25 14:13:35z Send another Springfield. {2
KG4FVR-10 KC1HHO-9 05/25 14:13:16z Send another good morning Pete, Joe here. used to live in Holyoke and Springfiel{1
KC1HHO-9 KG4FVR-10 05/25 14:12:02z Reply greetings from Quincy MA Pete{40
KG4FVR-10 CN8QY-6 05/25 14:11:50z Send another nice to meet you too. name here is Joseph {2
KG4FVR-10 KN4CIB 05/25 14:08:21z Send another kn4cib you getting my messages?{2
KG4FVR-10 KN4CIB 05/25 14:07:37z Send another hey {1
CN8QY-6 KG4FVR-10 05/24 23:08:42z Reply Nice to meet ! My name is Mounaim QSL{2
KG4FVR-10 CN8QY-6 05/24 22:22:48z Send another hello CN8QY finally headed home {1
CN8QY-6 KG4FVR-10 05/24 21:10:51z Reply Hello KG4FVR from CN8QY go Driveng {1