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N7UWX-14 KF7YEM 04/27 02:32:59z Reply Ok{4C17E
N7UWX KF7YEM 04/27 02:26:07z Reply Hi. I'm probably not monitoring!{1
KF7YEM N7UWX 04/27 02:26:04z Send another Thinking of doing some packet on 144.920{1
N7UWX KF7YEM 04/12 01:45:12z Reply 10-4
KF7YEM N7UWX 04/12 01:35:49z Send another You have second to chat. I am on 146.520 {1
KF7YEM-1 KF7YEM 04/10 03:31:41z Reply Hello{1
KF7YEM KF7YEM 03/25 00:58:28z Send another HELLO{005
KF7YEM CQ 03/23 18:34:00z Send another CQ
W7BOZ KF7YEM 03/23 03:12:41z Reply Hello.{JX}
KF7YEM K7MT 03/20 23:14:55z Send another Hello from Logan Utah{MP}LZ
K7MT KF7YEM 03/20 22:53:32z Reply G'DAY FROM BILL IN HELENA, MT{LZ}
KF7YEM SMSGTE 03/18 00:58:42z Send another @4357608363 hi bob{AG}
KF7YEM SMSGTE 03/10 05:06:54z Send another dude{XW}
SMSGTE KF7YEM 03/10 05:01:44z Reply @4358963632 Hello jorden{M2615
KF7YEM N7RXE-9 03/10 04:58:41z Send another Just Want to test this out see you tomarrow night{XV}
ANSRVR KF7YEM 03/10 00:57:15z Reply Active Groups Query Disabled
KF7YEM CQ 03/10 00:57:03z Send another hello
WHO-IS KF7YEM 03/10 00:57:03z Reply G/J J WALLACE/UT/United States{M2}MX
CQSRVR KF7YEM 03/10 00:57:03z Reply Active group: V7ARC with 2 members{1H}MZ
CQSRVR KF7YEM 03/10 00:57:03z Reply Active group: QRP with 1 members{1G}MZ
KF7YEM CQSRVR 03/10 00:57:02z Send another ?{MZ}
KF7YEM ANSRVR 03/10 00:57:02z Send another ?{MY}
KF7YEM WHO-IS 03/10 00:57:02z Send another KE7GHK{MX}
KF7YEM SMSGTE 03/07 23:02:14z Send another @8017191346 hello{FH}
K7MT KF7YEM 03/07 13:53:46z Reply GM from Bill in Helena, Mt.{OA}