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KF5WUF-9 KG5ORK-9 06/20 19:26:41z Send another if you are on FB check out the Texas off road amateur radio group{2
KF5WUF-9 KG5ORK-9 06/20 19:26:07z Send another Jeep On! {1
KG5NAV KF5WUF-9 05/15 02:23:30z Reply the meeting was about old recivers{2
KG5NAV KF5WUF-9 05/15 02:08:13z Reply it was ok but got borring 45 mins later {4
KG5NAV KF5WUF-9 05/15 02:07:49z Reply old equipment boat anchors they called them {3
KG5NAV KF5WUF-9 05/15 01:44:05z Reply recived{1
KF5WUF-9 KG5NAV 05/14 23:14:13z Send another testing{2
KF5WUF-9 KG5NAV-9 05/14 17:27:44z Send another hello David{1