KF5DPX-9 messages

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KF5DPX-9 KI5HHK-9 05/26 17:39:41z Send another Using aprs.if app. Connected via Bluetooth to radio in truck{F6E1D
KF5DPX-9 KI5HHK-9 05/26 17:38:25z Send another QSL{E57FF
KI5HHK-9 KF5DPX-9 05/26 17:34:32z Reply This is KI5HHK on APRS freq.QSL{39
KF5DPX-9 KI5MVF-7 05/26 17:34:22z Send another Good luck with your paint{03548
KF5DPX-9 KI5MVF-7 05/26 17:33:11z Send another Test test{6BD5B
KF5DPX-9 KI5HHK-9 05/26 17:31:23z Send another This is pretty cool{063BF
KF5DPX-9 KI5MVF 05/26 17:31:00z Send another Hello{3210C
KI5HHK-9 KF5DPX-9 05/26 17:28:59z Reply /QSL{37
KF5DPX-9 KI5HHK 05/26 17:28:39z Send another Test{757C5