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KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/09 00:39:50z Send another What OS for APRS is he using, I am not fimilure with TNC-X.{02}
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/09 00:36:02z Reply Do I need to make changes to KD4STT-3?
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/09 00:34:12z Reply Cool! What works?
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/08 23:50:39z Send another It works. . {01}
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:31:52z Reply 351s{14
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:31:39z Reply 2 prc make a good repeater as well, hmmm{13
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:30:54z Reply oh yea Gif who does YouTube videos told me{12
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:30:08z Send another Not a problem.{5
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:29:47z Reply Thank you for thinking of me Kevin {11
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:28:55z Reply my primary arc mos was signal corps stuff. {10
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:26:27z Reply fox hole qso's{9
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:25:58z Reply may not be the modern radios, but will be fun.{8
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:25:52z Send another Yip for remote operations.{4
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:25:12z Reply the prc 352 had ground telephone capabilities. {7
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:24:05z Send another R - R{3
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:23:38z Reply 3 to 4 amp power supply for my CB Radios. lol{6
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:21:17z Reply l hope to test with 3/4 amp power supply tonight{5
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:19:20z Send another Hi-Hi. . {2
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:18:46z Reply lol yea when were in service I would yell, hey you in the green!{4
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:17:41z Reply Looking for at least the matching battery case.{3
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:17:30z Send another OK, I didn't know. . It's just GREEN Radio.{1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:16:54z Reply the radio you gave me is a clansman prc 351. {2
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 17:13:42z Reply Okay I 'll have checked that out{1
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-3 05/06 00:42:22z Send another Just found a 'BCC-349'. 42MHZ area.{0C}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 20:37:16z Send another ?APRST?{0B}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 19:59:49z Send another ?APRST?{0A}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 19:25:27z Send another ?APRST?{09}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 19:13:22z Send another Welcome back to TENNESSEE{08}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 19:12:27z Send another ?APRST?{07}
KF4YMC-13 W3GME-6 05/05 18:31:02z Send another Yip. He's making good time though.{6
W3GME-6 KF4YMC-13 05/05 18:30:36z Reply Must be lunch time{31
KF4YMC-13 W3GME-6 05/05 18:29:07z Send another Kenny is sitting still n of Corbin, KY{5
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 18:27:19z Send another APRST?{04}
KF4YMC-13 W3GME-6 05/05 18:21:39z Send another What U got? {3
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-10 05/05 18:19:32z Send another ?APRSP?{02}
KF4YMC-13 K4FHK-15 05/04 21:42:54z Send another ?aprst?{01}
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/04 21:06:01z Send another RR{1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/04 21:05:14z Reply sorry Kevin, 423 333 8736{1
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/03 00:46:08z Send another Hey. U didn't leave a call back #. I couldn't call u back.{12
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:20:12z Send another MRX success. . {11
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:14:14z Send another Not long. I thinking.{10
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:12:10z Send another DUH{9
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:10:16z Send another Looking at WX North of Dyersburg. Interesting.{8
KF4YMC-13 W3GME 05/03 00:02:11z Send another If only Kenny could hear my station, I digi'ed that msg out.{07}UA
KF4YMC-13 W3GME 05/02 23:57:45z Send another No I am not. . {06}TY
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:56:45z Reply Hybrid digi...uggg{02
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:56:04z Reply to check if MRX is still in path{01
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:55:49z Reply Yep, I will have to shut down{00
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:55:21z Send another I using BPQ32, AGWPE and SigLnnk.{4
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:54:37z Reply Using UIVIEW...ugggh{99
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:51:23z Send another I can't figure it out, It works great, but no MRX1-1 responce{3
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:50:21z Reply Dont see the digi{96
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:49:16z Send another You don't even see my digi, do you OJ . . .{2
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-7 05/02 13:32:59z Send another Morning OLD Man. . . {01}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-7 04/30 19:51:22z Send another Boo. . . {01}
KF4YMC-13 KE4SYV 04/30 01:57:32z Send another Hello from Sweetwater, TN.{01}
KF4YMC-7 KF4YMC-13 04/29 21:49:53z Reply just next door.{3
KF4YMC-7 KF4YMC-13 04/29 21:45:57z Reply on way in.{2
KF4YMC-13 KF4YMC-9 04/28 15:17:44z Send another rr.{1
KF4YMC-9 KF4YMC-13 04/28 15:03:12z Reply spot-up.{1
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT 04/28 02:42:41z Send another Thomas, Your BLN1 "storm" is still running.{04}GC
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT 04/28 02:29:29z Send another Morning Thomas{03}GC
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-3 04/28 02:01:42z Send another Station TXM looks good from over here.{02}
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT 04/28 01:59:59z Send another Station TXM looks good over here.{01}
KF4YMC-13 KE4IQS-13 04/21 18:47:28z Send another Greetings Old Man.{01}
KN4FIH KF4YMC-13 04/13 18:32:12z Reply ok nice chating with yo{KF}08
KF4YMC-13 KN4FIH 04/13 18:31:21z Send another I understand. Well 73 YM I'm gone again.{08}KE
KN4FIH KF4YMC-13 04/13 18:30:29z Reply if i can rember what he taught me{KE}07
KF4YMC-13 KN4FIH 04/13 18:29:12z Send another OJS is teaching you all well then.{07}KD
KN4FIH KF4YMC-13 04/13 18:28:35z Reply yea i'v been on for a few minutes{KD}06
KF4YMC-13 KN4FIH 04/13 18:26:55z Send another Good to see you on, but I haven't been on much.{06}KC
KN4FIH KF4YMC-13 04/13 18:26:18z Reply hey{KC}05
KF4YMC-13 KN4FIH 04/13 18:25:03z Send another Hi Kenny{05}KB
WXBOT KF4YMC-13 04/13 15:03:55z Reply 77{MZ}04
WXBOT KF4YMC-13 04/13 15:03:50z Reply Athens TN. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Showers Likely 60% High{MY}04
KF4YMC-13 WXBOT 04/13 15:03:48z Send another 37303{04}
KF4YMC-13 WXBOT 04/13 15:03:12z Send another {03}
KF4YMC-13 WXBOT 04/13 14:57:10z Send another {02}
KF4YMC-13 KM4BBV 04/13 13:34:40z Send another Morning{01}
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT 04/12 01:14:58z Send another Nite-Nite Sir Thomas.{02}ZL
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-14 04/11 02:07:00z Send another Oh? o{01}