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KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:29:29z Reply rgr ngt{07
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:28:46z Reply tnx..73s bedtime{06
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:28:09z Send another gone to back room to rfinish rebuilding.{NV}
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:27:42z Send another good luck.{NU}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:26:22z Reply still learning delay settings{05
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:23:33z Send another No. Re-building a putor now for it.{NT}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:22:00z Reply Ever get Moto Rib working?{99
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:21:29z Send another Only using KPC3+, radio and APRSIS32{NS}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:20:32z Reply Using the Signalink{98
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:19:52z Send another This is with KPC3+{NR}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:19:16z Reply Hey..this is with UZ7HO{97
KF4YMC NA4IT 05/18 21:36:31z Send another That is all I would have done. Looks good.{NQ}PE
KF4YMC NA4IT 05/18 21:35:50z Send another That{NP}PE
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/18 21:35:10z Reply I tried to follow the instructiones...{PE}NO
KF4YMC NA4IT 05/18 21:34:29z Send another Looks OK to me. I guess it is correct.{NO}PD
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/18 21:33:25z Reply (KG4FZR/R)...{PD}
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/18 21:33:15z Reply Look and see if I did the 441.800 Starr Mtn object right+{PC}
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/18 11:29:30z Reply good maps, etc, etc,,,, Happy Dance (;-){PB}
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/18 11:29:13z Reply Happy dance... APRSIS32 still running under wine. no problems,+{PA}
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/12 17:31:45z Reply Test good...{05}NN
KF4YMC NA4IT 05/12 15:56:20z Send another Testing packet project YMC-3{NN}
KF4YMC KD4HZL-7 05/10 00:54:48z Send another I see you Mike.{NM}
KF4YMC NA4IT 05/10 00:41:39z Send another :-){NL}01
NA4IT KF4YMC 05/10 00:40:59z Reply Finnaly...{01}NK
KF4YMC NA4IT 05/10 00:40:08z Send another Got you.{NK}
KM4BBV KF4YMC 05/09 01:47:39z Reply did you make it home ok?{GH}