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WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/21 11:53:46z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{234
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/21 11:53:46z Send another bt2sss{SL}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/21 11:53:31z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{233
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/21 11:53:30z Send another Bt2ggg{SK}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/21 11:53:01z Reply Login [463]:{232
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/21 11:53:01z Send another asd{SJ}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/21 11:52:29z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{231
KF0ED KC0QLU-9 09/20 22:48:22z Send another 145.150{YH}
KF0ED KC0QLU-9 09/20 22:44:19z Send another 145.150{YG}
KC9BOZ KF0ED 09/19 12:19:25z Reply Yes, best of both worlds{06
KC9BOZ KF0ED 09/19 12:18:58z Reply Hi, im runing 2 programs of Aprs{05
KC9BOZ-12 KF0ED 09/19 12:18:32z Reply Hi Glenn, running 2 APRS programs{MH}KF
KF0ED KC9BOZ 09/19 12:18:08z Send another rr...one RF and one IS I take it.{KG}
KC9BOZ KF0ED 09/19 12:17:33z Reply Hi, im runing 2 programs of Aprs{05¨
KF0ED KC9BOZ-12 09/19 12:16:42z Send another 73{KF}
KC9BOZ-12 KF0ED 09/19 12:16:30z Reply AA:Away fron the keyboard
KF0ED KC9BOZ-12 09/19 12:15:58z Send another I c u went IS based now.{KE}
KF0ED KC9BOZ 09/19 12:12:23z Send another Hello Robert{KD}
KC9BOZ KF0ED 09/19 12:11:28z Reply Hi Glenn{04
KF0ED KC9BOZ 09/19 12:07:14z Send another test{KC}
AB0DK-10 KF0ED 09/18 01:22:49z Reply Hi Glen. Are you around?
KF0ED N0RC-9 09/16 10:32:54z Send another GM again.{PB}
KF0ED AB0DK-3 09/16 10:32:18z Send another GM{PA}
AB0DK-3 kf0ed 09/16 01:14:05z Reply hello Glen{1
KF0ED WB0AL-9 09/15 01:49:13z Send another 147.225+ no PL{IC}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/14 14:55:06z Send another what 6m repeaterss have u heard?{IB}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/14 12:38:32z Send another good duct this morn{IA}
KF0ED KD0YUJ : 09/14 12:37:29z Send another ood duct thÖrn{IA
KF0ED AB0DK 09/13 22:50:16z Send another I c u{JJ}
KF0ED N0GGU-10 09/13 17:15:17z Send another That's a circuitous path ur taking.{JH}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 09/11 10:08:24z Send another You don't have to warm up the busses this morning.{TK}
KF0ED KD0NBF-9 09/08 13:57:38z Send another test{BS}
KF0ED KC0QLU-9 09/07 19:01:33z Send another Leaving so soon?{CZ}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 09/07 11:12:33z Send another Cody, it's not even sun up yet.{CY}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/06 14:45:41z Reply Log off successful{540
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/06 14:45:40z Send another bye{IU}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/06 14:45:34z Reply 09/06/2019 14:45:19 No messages{539
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/06 14:45:33z Send another l{IT}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/06 14:45:22z Reply Hello KF0ED{538
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/06 14:45:21z Send another 624fff{IS}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 09/06 14:45:06z Reply Login [231]:{537
KF0ED WLNK-1 09/06 14:45:05z Send another asdf{IR}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/06 13:31:25z Send another I wrkd a 2mFM station, simplex, frm Coffeeville, Thurs.{IQ}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/06 13:31:16z Send another Very busy hr and that's not including my activity.{IP}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/06 13:26:49z Send another He's at least an Igate then.{IO}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 21:28:38z Send another Evan, why don't u "test drive" this recent digi.{EY}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 14:11:02z Send another The hospital used to run digi.{EX}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 13:56:37z Send another U mean N0RJC-1?{EW}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 13:47:19z Send another rgr{EV}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 13:44:00z Send another Tropo drying up. {EU}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 13:41:29z Send another I've had an IL direct.{ET}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 13:41:20z Send another Chek his QRZ page!{ES}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 09/05 12:02:33z Send another Listening N0MUA, simplex, frm Coffeeville, KS.{ER}
KF0ED KF0ED-15 09/04 17:07:46z Send another 3115309{RY}
KF0ED KB0YAS 09/01 14:17:15z Send another test{AF}
KF0ED KF0ED-15 09/01 13:08:19z Send another test{AE}
KF0ED KB0YAS 09/01 13:07:58z Send another test{AD}
KF0ED KP4DJT 09/01 12:34:23z Send another test{AC}
KF0ED NI0R-9 08/31 21:53:50z Send another test{TN}
KF0ED KF0ED-15 08/31 21:50:51z Send another Derby 3948.06N 09307.61W 43rd Annual Great Pershing Balloon Derby... Balloon
KF0ED KF0ED-15 08/31 21:20:41z Send another test{TM}
KF0ED KC0NOX 08/31 19:12:26z Send another 146.955MO 18.4mi N Is operational again. Antenna
KF0ED KC0NOX 08/31 19:12:18z Send another sdfg{TL}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/31 19:11:19z Send another 146.955MO 18.2mi NNW Is operational again. Antenna
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/31 11:19:05z Send another Grand River-lotsa water!{TK}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/31 11:18:40z Send another 06900800 14.8mi SE 26.19gh/26000cfs Water Stn
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/31 11:11:29z Send another The latter.{TJ}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/31 11:08:48z Send another Or pick up the yf time.{TI}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/31 11:07:02z Send another Must be Mickey D trip time.{TH}
EMAIL-2 KF0ED 08/31 10:08:20z Reply Email sent to callsign.w0wts@gmail.com{L8}TG
KF0ED EMAIL-2 08/31 10:08:20z Send another callsign.w0wts@gmail.com APRS EMAIL.{TG}L7
EMAIL-2 KF0ED 08/31 10:08:19z Reply Email sent to callsign.w0wts@gmail.com{L7}TF
KF0ED EMAIL-2 08/31 10:08:19z Send another callsign.w0wts@gmail.com Bill, ur APRS station is absent.-sent via+{TF}
KF0ED KD0RIH 08/30 16:11:52z Send another test{YV}
KF0ED KD0RIH 08/30 15:15:02z Send another test{JJ}
KF0ED KD0RIH 08/30 15:09:13z Send another test{JI}
KF0ED KC0QLU-9 08/30 12:04:35z Send another 145.15{JH}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 08/26 23:22:44z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 0 attempts remaining{645
KF0ED WLNK-1 08/26 23:22:43z Send another b46lll{UB}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 08/26 23:22:08z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{644
KF0ED WLNK-1 08/26 23:22:08z Send another B4afff{UA}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 08/26 23:21:50z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{643
KF0ED WLNK-1 08/26 23:21:49z Send another ba6jjj{TZ}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 08/26 23:21:29z Reply Login [412]:{642
KF0ED WLNK-1 08/26 23:21:27z Send another asd{TY}
WLNK-1 KF0ED 08/26 23:20:25z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{641
KF0ED KD0YUJ 08/26 13:38:28z Send another Yes, a pre-recorded announcement was heard on the bird.{TX}
KF0ED KC0NOX 08/26 12:42:58z Send another test{TW}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 08/26 01:23:00z Send another Similar to Sami's on the .88 rtpr. Programmed in.{NN}
KF0ED KD0YUJ 08/25 18:32:03z Send another AA:Tnx fer connecting. I may respond, if available.
KF0ED KD0YUJ 08/25 16:53:35z Send another A first, for me. Voice announcement on a bird.{NM}
KF0ED KC0QLU-9 08/24 18:02:08z Send another Apparentyly K0BSJ has his DMR rptrs operantional.{CA}
KF0ED KC0QLU-9 08/24 18:00:56z Send another test{BZ}
KF0ED KD0RIH-9 08/24 11:23:22z Send another GM Cody es Cassie!{BY}
KF0ED KC0IEB-14 08/23 15:03:48z Send another So that's "loaded up". OTR.{GG}
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 08/22 22:09:15z Send another rgr{ZG}
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 08/22 22:09:00z Reply using my digi 1st then wide2-1{23
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 08/22 22:05:11z Send another What's ur path?{ZF}
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 08/22 21:55:29z Reply testing using ftm400 from smithville lake{21
KF0ED N0GGU-10 08/21 18:50:26z Send another Is the Mryvill dmr down?{IQ}