KF0AED-9 messages

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KF0AED-9 SMSGTE- 05/10 18:57:46z Send another @6126692490 Test{28
SMS KF0AED-9 05/10 18:39:02z Reply Invalid Command or Msg!{4787
KF0AED-9 SMS 05/10 18:39:02z Send another @6126692490{27
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 05/09 17:37:36z Send another I will C if hotel Wi-Fi works on hotspot{26
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 05/09 14:48:47z Send another Thanks. I can't make the DMR breakfast this week{25
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 05/09 14:46:48z Reply Safe travels!
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 05/09 14:24:08z Send another Going on a roadtrip 2 Sioux Falls{24
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/29 21:08:16z Reply Winner, winner, winner!
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/29 21:04:49z Send another K0LWC lol{23
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/29 21:01:49z Reply Guess who?
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/26 18:40:10z Send another Lone day of driving{22
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/26 18:27:45z Reply Another long day of work!
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/26 18:00:45z Send another Hello how are you 2day?{21
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/26 17:57:51z Reply Good afternoon, Stephen!
KF0AED-9 W0MHR-1 04/06 00:07:59z Send another Hi from Albertville{20
W0MHR-1 KF0AED-9 04/05 23:56:32z Reply Hello from the 'Grove
KF0AED-9 N0NQD-1 04/03 15:28:14z Send another QSY?{19
KF0AED-9 KD0TLS-9 04/02 21:28:00z Send another QSY?{18
KF0AED-9 W3JF-4 03/28 14:51:56z Send another Hi{17