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KO4JNY-4 KE4SYV 01/16 15:47:39z Reply Hello Larry this Carlos KO4JNY{C65ED
KO4JNY-4 KE4SYV 01/16 15:47:27z Reply I hope to be able t hear you{ED443
KO4JNY-4 KE4SYV 01/16 15:47:22z Reply Just moved my antenna from the attic to outside{6CF04
KO4JNY-4 KE4SYV 01/14 03:50:33z Reply I cant hear you, maybe once my antenna is outside we will talk{DF9D0
KO4JNY-4 KE4SYV 01/14 03:49:52z Reply I know from my notes you can hear me, but unfortunately{ECB6E
KO4JNY-4 KE4SYV 01/14 03:49:19z Reply Larry, this is KO4JNY. Sorry for the confusion during the net.{553D3
KG4LKY KE4SYV 01/10 00:06:56z Reply hi from london ky{2
KG4LKY KE4SYV 12/29 23:41:15z Reply hi{16
KE4SYV NWS 12/29 18:27:11z Send another Hello from KE4SYV Larry in Rockvale Tenn EM65rs
KE4SYV BLNQSL1/2 12/03 01:12:00z Send another KC9YTT,NA1SS,K5DCC,K5DNA,KE4AZZ,WA4SXM-6,K9JKM,WA2FHJ,N2RZR,W9QO,
W7OSG KE4SYV 11/23 00:55:30z Reply I hear you in Boise, ID DN13
N7EGY-7 KE4SYV 11/17 02:25:21z Reply Hello_de_N7EGY_DN33{55
KB6LTY-3 KE4SYV 11/16 03:13:03z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KC9YTT KE4SYV 11/14 03:12:08z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KE4SYV CM2DAH 11/10 03:12:59z Send another Copied you call on ISS thanks KE4SYV
KE4SYV CM2DAH 11/10 03:09:52z Send another Hello form KE4SY'V, Larry in Rockvale. Tenn.
CM2DAH KE4SYV 11/10 03:09:30z Reply QSL? de CM2DAH. EL83sc.