KE0WTC-9 messages

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KE0WTC-9 KE0WTC-9 10/06 18:21:38z Send another mapme @rc{2
KE0WTC-9 KE0WTC-9 10/06 18:21:21z Send another @rc hi ya{1
KE0WTC-9 KE0EE-9 09/28 17:05:42z Send another Don Tom from LARC. Trying msg{3
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/23 22:13:36z Reply @TC Hi{M2262
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/23 22:13:04z Reply Message to tc delivered{C2261
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/23 22:12:56z Send another @tc? testing{18
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/22 03:13:41z Reply @JW Hmmm. Now to see if / when the reply gets to you. Sending sat {M2106
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/21 17:43:00z Reply @AW Dont know how i got that with no signal{M2075
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/21 17:33:35z Send another I did not send a map this time{16
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/21 17:27:40z Send another @aw ams from my ham{15
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/21 17:27:19z Reply @RH I get text but not map. So went back to old text and then I cou{M2071
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/21 17:27:18z Send another @jw txt via radio{14
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/21 17:24:49z Send another @rh at high point test 2{13
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/21 15:34:35z Send another @rh at downieville test 1{12
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/21 15:22:42z Reply @RH K. Got text.{M2065
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/20 15:33:10z Send another tc l{8
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/20 14:59:29z Reply Email sent to{31
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 22:13:12z Reply Email sent to{808
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 22:12:58z Reply Email sent to{807
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/19 22:12:58z Send another tc testing{7
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 22:11:47z Reply No email address found!{806
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/19 22:11:47z Send another me l{5
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 22:11:01z Reply Invalid Request!{805
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/19 22:11:01z Send another @L{4
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 22:10:48z Reply Invalid Request!{804
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/19 22:10:48z Send another @l{3
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 21:55:25z Reply No email address found!{803
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/19 21:55:25z Send another l{2
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/19 21:54:31z Reply No email address found!{802
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/19 21:54:31z Send another L{1
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/19 13:19:15z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1910
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/19 13:15:25z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1909
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/19 12:56:19z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1908
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/19 12:49:51z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1907
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:26:54z Reply @NC Teat{M1877
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:26:05z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1876
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:25:46z Reply @NC Hello{M1875
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:25:27z Reply Your position was sent to @nc{C1874
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/18 20:25:23z Send another #mapme @nc{11
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:25:13z Reply @NC Hello{M1872
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:25:07z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1873
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/18 20:24:19z Send another @nc hello{10
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:24:02z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1871
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/18 20:24:02z Send another @N8 hello{8
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:23:58z Reply Aliases: ak tc nc rh aw marcia barb jw{C1870
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/18 20:23:58z Send another #alias list{9
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:23:34z Reply The number N8 is invalid{E1869
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/18 20:22:56z Reply The command n8 does not exist{C1868
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/18 20:22:56z Send another #N8 . hello{7
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/16 13:15:41z Reply @RH Can see it.{M1755
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/16 13:14:04z Reply Your position was sent to @rh{C1754
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/16 13:13:23z Send another #mapme @rh{6
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/16 13:10:52z Reply Your position was sent to @tc{C1753
KE0WTC-9 KE0EE-9 09/15 16:02:40z Send another Don this is Tom from LARC{2
KE0WTC-9 KE0EE-9 09/15 15:48:55z Send another Hey from another LARC member{1
SMSGTE-TC KE0WTC-9 09/14 16:18:34z Reply rej7
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE-TC 09/14 16:18:34z Send another #mapme @tc{7
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE-TC 09/14 16:17:46z Send another hh{6
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/14 16:07:10z Reply @TC Hello to you{M1472
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/14 16:06:27z Send another @tc hh{3
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/14 16:06:08z Send another hh{2
SMSGTE-TC KE0WTC-9 09/14 16:05:02z Reply rej5
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE-TC 09/14 16:05:02z Send another #mapme @tc{5
SMSGTE-TC KE0WTC-9 09/14 15:56:00z Reply rej3
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE-TC 09/14 15:55:59z Send another #mapme{2
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/13 21:00:19z Reply @TC Hello baxk{M1409
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/13 20:59:17z Reply @TC Hello back{M1407
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/13 20:59:03z Reply Your position was sent to @tc{C1408
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 20:59:02z Send another #mapme @tc{8
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 20:58:15z Send another :mapme tc{7
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 20:57:09z Send another :mapme @tc{6
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 20:56:48z Send another @tc hello{5
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 20:56:32z Send another @tc.hello{4
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:23:46z Reply Your position was sent to @tc{C1388
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 15:23:42z Send another #mapme @tc{3
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 15:23:03z Send another #mapme @tc{1
SMSGTE KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:22:33z Reply Your position was sent to @ak{C1387
KE0WTC-9 SMSGTE 09/13 15:22:27z Send another #mapme @ak{2
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:20:07z Reply Email sent to{501
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:20:07z Send another AK this is a test{37
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:19:49z Reply Email sent to{500
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:19:49z Send another tc this is a tesr{36
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:18:58z Reply Invalid Request!{499
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:18:58z Send another :tc this is a tesr{35
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:18:18z Reply Email sent to{498
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:18:18z Send another tc l{34
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:17:16z Reply Email sent to{497
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:17:16z Send another tc l{33
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:16:53z Reply AK added.{496
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:16:53z Send another AK{32
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:15:31z Reply Email sent to{495
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:15:31z Send another tc l{31
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:15:09z Reply Invalid Request!{494
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:15:09z Send another :tc l{30
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:13:30z Reply Invalid Request!{493
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:13:30z Send another :ak{28
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:11:48z Reply Invalid Request!{492
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:11:48z Send another :ak{27
EMAIL-2 KE0WTC-9 09/13 15:10:46z Reply Email sent to{491
KE0WTC-9 EMAIL-2 09/13 15:10:46z Send another tc l{26