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KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/17 01:09:20z Reply At Jeremy's?{67
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/17 01:07:58z Reply ok...see you sooi{66
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/17 01:07:28z Send another We are on the Grossroad{0
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/16 23:01:08z Send another i ment the kc0hmn one{2
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/16 23:00:00z Reply why? different antenna? {65
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/16 22:59:29z Send another I can hit the home one alot farther now{1
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/16 21:14:10z Send another hi{0
AD0ED-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 16:37:52z Reply Greetings from Vermillion, SD{1
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 02:18:53z Send another the uhf was coming in better though{33
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 02:18:23z Reply ok{64
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 02:18:05z Send another no, I used wessington spring so I could get done earlier{32
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 02:17:23z Reply UHF repeater?{63
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 02:16:50z Send another I just checked into SD link net{31
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 02:16:23z Send another I see{30
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 02:16:13z Reply Visiting {62
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 02:15:45z Send another sup{29
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:49:10z Send another sounds good{28
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 01:48:52z Reply yes, watching TV. going to bed soon.{61
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:48:14z Send another you at gpas house{27
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:36:58z Send another sounds good{26
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:36:53z Send another ok{25
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:36:20z Send another maybe{24
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 01:35:49z Reply Ok. Megan's phone has a bad battery?{59
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:35:19z Send another good, I am on my tablet now{23
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 01:34:46z Reply Good deal. How was youth group?{58
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 10/03 01:34:05z Send another sweet ijust got home{1
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 01:33:05z Reply Going to set up the pickup radio with APRS tomorrow.{57
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/03 01:31:44z Reply I got the message!{56
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 10/02 23:52:59z Reply got it set ip{55
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/25 02:07:09z Reply leaving Yankton{53
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/24 22:54:56z Reply oh not quite{51
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/24 22:42:08z Reply now we are going by Ft Dodge{52
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/24 22:41:39z Reply How's it going?{49
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/20 23:17:09z Reply hey Trevor{46
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/20 23:16:45z Reply Are you at YO camp yet?{47
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/20 12:57:47z Send another bye{1
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/20 12:55:43z Reply did you find your charger?{45
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/04 02:19:42z Reply have you heard from Jenny?{44
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/04 02:18:38z Send another sup{21
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/04 02:14:44z Reply don't forget to set an alarm for morning.{42
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/04 01:19:11z Send another hi{20
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/04 01:02:12z Reply at Jackson{39
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/04 00:23:34z Reply just left wynot{35
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/04 00:10:00z Send another hows iy goinh{19
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/03 23:48:06z Send another hi{18
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/03 21:41:57z Send another hello{17
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/03 21:30:53z Send another ???????????{16
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 09/03 21:21:07z Send another see you later{15
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/03 21:14:50z Reply stopped at Jenny's car. now I'm good to go with the mag Mount.{33
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 09/03 21:14:49z Reply no barrel connector{32
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 21:18:48z Send another M*A*S*H*?{14
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 19:52:47z Send another i am calling cq{13
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 19:30:24z Send another how was your nap{12
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 18:54:04z Reply good{31
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 18:01:32z Send another whats up{8
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 17:32:25z Reply I feel a nap coming on.{30
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 17:31:54z Send another tired?{11
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 17:29:32z Send another Good{10
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 17:28:30z Reply how's that tablet working{29
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 17:28:07z Send another me too{9
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 17:27:07z Reply watching the game{28
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 15:32:19z Send another of course{7
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 15:30:26z Reply Are you still on?{27
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 14:21:41z Send another maybe take a plane{6
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 14:21:28z Send another sweet, we better get driving{5
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 14:20:59z Reply Huskers play at 11:00{26
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 14:18:08z Send another 🇱🇷{4
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 14:17:30z Send another 😀😀{3
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 14:17:21z Send another sweet{2
KC0HMN-9 KE0SVL-1 08/31 14:17:04z Reply Yes I did{25
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/31 14:16:41z Send another not too much{1
KE0SVL-1 KC0NUK-9 08/24 17:03:09z Send another is there a location where i can check in at{2
KC0NUK-9 KE0SVL-1 08/24 16:43:39z Reply 145 415 T 1230{54
KC0NUK-9 KE0SVL-1 08/24 16:42:50z Reply AA:KC0NUK@ARRL.NET
KE0SVL-1 KC0NUK-9 08/24 16:42:47z Send another where can i check in{1
KC0NUK-9 KE0SVL-1 08/24 16:34:21z Reply NE ST Fair{53
KC0NUK-9 KE0SVL-1 08/24 16:30:59z Reply 73's{52
KE0SVL-1 KC0NUK-9 08/24 16:27:25z Send another hello{0
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/09 16:34:09z Send another hi{2
KE0SVL-1 KC0HMN-9 08/09 16:20:30z Send another bye{0