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KD9IXX-10 VB3YEET 07/26 02:07:40z Send another Ayy lmao{1
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 07/26 02:07:19z Reply KD9IXX-13 68,wind:33@2 g4,1017.8mbar,rh:81%,rain:none{TW
KD9IXX-10 WXBOT 07/26 02:07:12z Send another Cwop{2
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 06/28 07:01:49z Reply KD9IXX-13 58,wind:348@2 g4,1023.8mbar,rh:74%,rain:none{NM
KD9IXX-10 WXBOT 06/28 07:01:42z Send another Cwop{6
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 06/28 07:01:34z Reply round 63. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph, with gusts as high as 15 mph.{NL
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 06/28 07:01:29z Reply 2 Miles WSW Frankfort IL. Tuesday Night,Partly cloudy, with a low a{NK
KD9IXX-10 KD9IXX-7 06/28 07:01:28z Send another Testing 123{1
KD9IXX-10 WXBOT 06/28 07:01:22z Send another Tomorrow full{5
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 06/28 07:01:10z Reply e around 58. South wind around 5 mph.{NJ
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 06/28 07:01:05z Reply 2 Miles WSW Frankfort IL. Overnight,Clear, with a steady temperatur{NI
KD9IXX-10 WXBOT 06/28 07:00:56z Send another Today full{4
WXBOT KD9IXX-10 06/28 07:00:35z Reply KD9IXX-13 58,wind:348@2 g4,1023.8mbar,rh:74%,rain:none{NH