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KF8IU-15 KD9FRS-9 03/28 12:49:07z Reply haha; msg on timer from yesterday queue{06}01
KF8IU-15 KD9FRS-9 03/28 12:48:16z Reply Always a surprise to walk outside.{05}01
KF8IU-15 KD9FRS-9 03/27 21:20:03z Reply Our windows don't give us a good indication of rain-rate;{04}01
KD9FRS-9 KF8IU-15 03/27 19:21:59z Send another Driving XYL home due to rain. Home now.{01
KF8IU-15 KD9FRS-9 03/27 19:17:31z Reply Out mobile? Motor safe. de KF8IU Office{03}