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KA8ZWL KD8THW 02/02 22:46:47z Reply the bottom screen....on the tool bar saying I have a message{PE}EY
KA8ZWL KD8THW 02/02 22:45:24z Reply kind of neat. A promt shows up at the bottom of thr{PD}EY
KD8THW KA8ZWL 02/02 22:34:44z Send another Just making sure your station is still up and running...{EY}PC
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/24 16:23:43z Reply Yes, but it's a hard. all words run together {PC}EX
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/24 04:24:37z Send another CanYouReadThisAllRight? TryingToFigureOutHowToCondenseMsgs.{EX}
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/24 01:46:31z Reply test{PB}XT
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/24 01:43:54z Reply are you checking yours?{PA}XT
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/24 01:42:51z Reply yes{OZ}XT
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/21 01:04:06z Send another just testing to see if you are checking your msgs{XT}OY
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/13 01:51:35z Reply test{OY}
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/13 01:25:40z Reply test{HD}
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/12 03:56:27z Send another Remind me tomorrow to lower your audio lvl{XS}
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/12 03:55:03z Send another We need to get better sdrs. Mine will only go as low as 25mhz.{XR}
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 12:41:30z Send another good morning :){YX}IL
SMSGTE KD8THW 01/10 02:53:04z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit smsgte.wix.com/smsgte for help.{E5545
KD8THW SMSGTE 01/10 02:53:04z Send another Checking out sms project.{YW}
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 02:33:41z Send another Better or worse?{YV}IL
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/10 02:32:46z Reply This is way different than the standard packet I used to do{IL}YU
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 02:31:29z Send another basicly only about as long as the 1st line then it sends multiples {YU}IK
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/10 02:13:56z Reply with packet yers ago{IK}YT
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/10 02:13:44z Reply Not sure about now. As I recall 255 was the max witg {IJ}YT
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 01:21:41z Send another guess that was to long...{YT}JM
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 01:20:20z Send another long is to long?{YS}JM
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 01:20:16z Send another it shouldn't be to long so the frequency is not tied up, but how+{YR}JM
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 01:20:12z Send another can write in a single msg, but im not sure if that is true. I know+{YQ}JM
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/10 01:20:08z Send another It seems like I read there is a limit to how many characters you+{YP}JM
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/08 23:50:28z Reply Yes indeed it does!{JM}YO
KD8THW KA8ZWL 01/08 20:44:24z Send another Hey look at that it actually works!{YO}JL
KA8ZWL KD8THW 01/08 19:49:10z Reply This is a Test Message{JL}