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KD8KZG-1 KE8OLG-9 09/05 16:00:10z Send another Got your message. Hope you have fun!!{12
KD8KZG-1 KC8QDP-5 09/05 14:11:28z Send another Got your message. Hope you have fun!!{11
KE8OLG-9 KD8KZG-1 09/05 01:20:40z Reply We made it. Let me know that you got this. 73{01
KC8QDP-5 KD8KZG-1 08/28 22:03:13z Reply 👍{32
KD8KZG-1 KC8QDP-5 08/28 21:59:05z Send another ya I see that.{10
KC8QDP-5 KD8KZG-1 08/28 21:57:49z Reply cedar point{31
KD8KZG-1 KC8QDP-5 08/28 21:56:20z Send another ya at the lake. hadn't from you. seen you up north{09
KC8QDP-5 KD8KZG-1 08/28 21:54:41z Reply just eating BBQ{30
KD8KZG-1 KC8QDP-5 08/28 21:54:07z Send another So what's going on?{08
KE8OLG-9 KD8KZG-1 08/28 17:06:34z Reply Did this make it?{02
KC8QDP-5 KD8KZG-1 08/23 19:13:36z Reply ok I will reset when I get home {29
KD8KZG-1 KC8QDP-5 08/23 15:24:26z Send another your I-gate is down. I turned mine on{07
KC8QDP-9 KD8KZG-1 08/19 20:04:41z Reply hi{8