KD5LOL messages

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KD5LOL SMSGTE-BW 09/12 01:53:33z Send another hey brian{34
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BW 09/11 23:27:58z Send another om my way{33
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BW 09/11 23:24:43z Send another om my way{32
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 09/04 20:08:49z Send another down{31
SMSGTE KD5LOL 09/04 18:08:00z Reply @BO OK{M432
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 09/04 18:07:30z Send another on way down to truck{30
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 09/04 17:21:33z Send another hikgng gavilan in meadows now{29
KD5LOL SMSGTE 09/01 14:38:56z Send another yes{28
SMSGTE KD5LOL 09/01 14:31:52z Reply @ME You around?{M81
SMSGTE KD5LOL 09/01 14:28:07z Reply @ME You around?{M80
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 08/23 19:45:46z Send another down{27
SMSGTE KD5LOL 08/23 19:21:10z Reply @BO OK{M9223
SMSGTE KD5LOL 08/23 17:51:23z Reply @ME Got it 1{M9217
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 08/23 17:44:10z Send another Begin reply msg with @KD5LOL {26
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 08/23 17:42:58z Send another hikgng gavilan in meadows now{25
SMSGTE KD5LOL 08/23 15:47:05z Reply @ME Got it{M9210
KD5LOL SMSGTE-BO 08/23 15:46:15z Send another hikgng gavilan now{24
KD5LOL SMSGTE-ME 08/23 15:43:07z Send another Saying Hi from my Kenwood radio.1{23
KD5LOL SMSGTE-ME 08/17 03:51:52z Send another yup{22
SMSGTE-ME KD5LOL 08/17 03:47:24z Reply hey you around? 4{M8758
SMSGTE-ME KD5LOL 08/17 03:38:25z Reply hey you around? 3{M8757
SMSGTE-ME KD5LOL 08/17 03:33:41z Reply hey you around?{M8754
KD5LOL SMSGTE-ME 08/17 03:33:20z Send another Saying Hi from my Kenwood radio.1{21
SMSGTE-ME KD5LOL 08/17 03:32:47z Reply hey you around? 2{M8756