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KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:32:05z Reply LOL!
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:31:42z Reply But u can’t hide
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:31:21z Reply U can run
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:31:01z Reply Get back to work
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:30:34z Reply Get your gas and go
KF4YMC-1 KD4STT-10 05/11 00:19:16z Reply Night Sir Thomas. . {23
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-1 05/11 00:18:56z Send another good night Kevin, {5
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-1 05/11 00:18:19z Send another lol{4
KF4YMC-1 KD4STT-10 05/11 00:03:21z Reply Sitting on his couch relaxing, I'd say.{22
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-1 05/11 00:03:00z Send another squeezer{3
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-1 05/11 00:02:40z Send another I don't know where orange juice squeeze is{2
KD4STT-10 KC4OJS-3 05/11 00:01:13z Send another evening Kenny {1
KD4STT-10 KM4MNC-7 05/10 23:59:08z Send another evening joe {1
KD4STT-10 KM4MNC-10 05/10 23:57:14z Send another good evening joe{1
KF4YMC-1 KD4STT-10 05/10 23:51:30z Reply Evening Thomas.{21
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-1 05/10 23:50:45z Send another evening Kevin {1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-1 05/09 19:28:27z Send another Okay I may have your call correct this time. {1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 18:29:01z Send another I'm getting older by the minute lol{7
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 18:24:42z Send another KC4OJS said it was all about the donuts {3
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 18:24:07z Send another I'm looking forward to the aprs practice for newbies this Saturday {2
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 18:23:12z Send another Hi Kevin hope you doing alright. {1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 17:56:22z Send another 16th of May {6
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 17:55:53z Send another oops it 16tu{5
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC 05/09 17:53:39z Send another the coffee is not to bad{4
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:31:52z Send another 351s{14
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:31:39z Send another 2 prc make a good repeater as well, hmmm{13
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:30:54z Send another oh yea Gif who does YouTube videos told me{12
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:30:08z Reply Not a problem.{5
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:29:47z Send another Thank you for thinking of me Kevin {11
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:28:55z Send another my primary arc mos was signal corps stuff. {10
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:26:27z Send another fox hole qso's{9
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:25:58z Send another may not be the modern radios, but will be fun.{8
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:25:52z Reply Yip for remote operations.{4
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:25:12z Send another the prc 352 had ground telephone capabilities. {7
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:24:05z Reply R - R{3
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:23:38z Send another 3 to 4 amp power supply for my CB Radios. lol{6
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:21:17z Send another l hope to test with 3/4 amp power supply tonight{5
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:19:20z Reply Hi-Hi. . {2
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:18:46z Send another lol yea when were in service I would yell, hey you in the green!{4
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:17:41z Send another Looking for at least the matching battery case.{3
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/06 18:17:30z Reply OK, I didn't know. . It's just GREEN Radio.{1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 18:16:54z Send another the radio you gave me is a clansman prc 351. {2
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/06 17:13:42z Send another Okay I 'll have checked that out{1
KD4STT-10 KC4OJS-9 05/05 01:37:07z Send another did you make to your destination?{1
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/04 21:06:01z Reply RR{1
KD4STT-10 KF4YMC-13 05/04 21:05:14z Send another sorry Kevin, 423 333 8736{1
KF4YMC-13 KD4STT-10 05/03 00:46:08z Reply Hey. U didn't leave a call back #. I couldn't call u back.{12
KD4STT-10 W3GME 05/03 00:41:50z Send another garden project {3
KD4STT-10 W3GME 05/03 00:41:33z Send another Okay Gary. I had to pick up drip irrigation supplies for the{2
KD4STT-10 W3GME 05/03 00:36:13z Send another Have a good night Gary KD4STT 73s {4
W3GME KD4STT-10 05/02 23:43:06z Reply Tracking you on your way home{TX}
W3GME KD4STT-10 05/02 23:42:41z Reply Hi Thomas...just you and me{TW}
KD4STT-10 W3GME 05/02 23:38:08z Send another hello{1
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA 04/19 09:23:50z Send another Good morning Chuck. Jeannette really appreciated the plants/trelis{3
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA 04/17 21:36:30z Send another thanks{2
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA 04/17 21:36:20z Send another Thank Chuck for the help {1
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/16 14:10:07z Send another Good morning Chuck {3
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/15 14:16:41z Send another I got the notice about cell, will see you no latter than 24th {2
KN4RYA-10 KD4STT-10 04/14 20:10:57z Reply here looks pike might pour rain again here{3
KN4RYA-10 KD4STT-10 04/14 20:10:33z Reply awesome working hard lot weed eating{2
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 18:19:51z Send another do great my friend, suns shinning here{1
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 15:44:18z Send another RF mode {6
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 15:43:59z Send another effort mode{5
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 15:43:46z Send another did you get anything from kd4stt-5?{4
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 15:39:56z Send another try sending messages to kd4stt-5{3
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 15:38:12z Send another doing{2
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-10 04/14 15:37:49z Send another do great my friend, this works{1
KN4RYA-10 KD4STT-10 04/14 15:26:13z Reply how are my good friends doing today{1
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-5 04/13 23:42:20z Send another tracking northeast {7
KD4STT-10 KN4RYA-5 04/13 23:41:57z Send another Hey Chuck, strong storms in Alabama {6
KD4STT-10 KN4FIH 04/13 23:39:02z Send another heading northeast eta not known {3
KD4STT-10 KN4FIH 04/13 23:38:03z Send another Alabama radar showing strong storms {2
KD4STT-10 KN4FIH 04/13 23:25:33z Send another Hi kenny. I just saw your message. {1
KN4FIH KD4STT-10 04/13 17:50:38z Reply hey Thomas {KB}