KD2TQD-7 messages

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SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/21 20:30:38z Reply @9734931143 Are you free{M7954
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/21 20:30:04z Reply @9734931143 Hello there{M7953
KD2TQD-7 SMSGTE 06/21 20:28:34z Send another @9734931143 hi{11
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/21 20:26:19z Reply hi{13
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/21 20:26:07z Reply hi{12
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/20 15:13:44z Reply @9734931143 Greg you got a copy?{M7830
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/20 15:13:17z Reply copy? {11
DL0QW-12 KD2TQD-7 06/20 15:11:59z Reply Welcome KD2TQD on summit W2/GC-001 Slide Mountain (FN21TX). gl if you activate this reference. 73 de Camilla www.cqGMA.net{95
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/20 14:52:18z Reply ok I see you hiking now{10
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/20 14:20:53z Reply shows you in NUTLEY{9
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/20 12:16:48z Reply location? {8
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/19 13:37:12z Reply @8624005732 Hi Greg{M7662
KD2TQD-7 SMSGTE 06/19 13:36:52z Send another @8624005732 this with the radio{10
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/19 11:30:00z Reply @9734931143 Just replied{M7660
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/19 11:28:48z Reply @9734931143 Oh hi I got it. WA2NWN{M7659
KD2TQD-7 SMSGTE 06/19 11:27:18z Send another @9734931143 i sent this with the radio{08
KD2TQD-7 SMSGTE 06/19 02:48:51z Send another @9734545361 hi greg{05
KD2TQD-7 SMSGTE 06/19 02:47:55z Send another ac
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/19 02:43:31z Reply @9734545361 I'm okay{M7626
SMSGTE KD2TQD-7 06/19 02:42:55z Reply @9734545361 Hello{M7624
KD2TQD-7 SMSGTE 06/19 02:42:33z Send another @9734545361 hi greg{06
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 17:26:04z Reply rec{7
KD2TQD-7 WA2NWN 06/18 17:25:07z Send another hi there{04
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 17:23:12z Reply hello{6
KD2TVI-7 KD2TQD-7 06/18 16:34:06z Reply Howdy there ! - KD2TVI{41599
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:48:20z Reply k at doctor. will call u when out{5
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:30:21z Reply animal{4
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:30:19z Reply was talking to anonxal control {3
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:30:13z Reply recieved{2
KD2TQD-7 WA2NWN-9 06/18 15:27:12z Send another home{03
KD2TQD-7 WA2NWN 06/18 15:16:56z Send another what's your location? {01
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:14:21z Reply what's your location? {1
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:06:06z Reply where's Gary? {2
WA2NWN KD2TQD-7 06/18 15:05:05z Reply hello there{1