KD2RCQ-7 messages

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WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:27:09z Reply Log off successful{324
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:27:08z Send another B{00012
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:27:01z Reply Message 1 Deleted{323
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:27:00z Send another K1{00011
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:26:54z Reply Re: test Fm:SMTP:dboggny@icloud.com Msg:Back to you.{322
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:26:54z Send another R1{00010
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:26:47z Reply 1) 03/19/2020 14:26:36 Re: test 342 bytes{321
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:26:47z Send another L{00009
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:25:41z Reply Message sent to: dboggny@icloud.com{320
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:40z Send another /EX{00008
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:36z Send another Line 3{00007
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:34z Send another Line 2{00006
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:33z Send another This is a test{00005
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:25:26z Reply New message to: dboggny@icloud.com. Send /EX when complete.{319
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:25z Send another SP dboggny@icloud.com test{00004
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:25:09z Reply 03/19/2020 14:24:57 No messages{318
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:08z Send another L{00003
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:25:05z Reply Hello KD2RCQ-7. Login valid for ~2 hours{317
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:25:05z Send another YlnnNu{00002
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/19 14:24:48z Reply Login [351]:{316
KD2RCQ-7 WLNK-1 03/19 14:24:47z Send another Hi{00001
TA5AHO-4 KD2RCQ-7 03/12 12:10:32z Reply Hi My friend{7605
N2XJS-12 KD2RCQ-7 03/06 22:08:01z Reply Roger Contact 73{51
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:06:30z Reply messaggio inviato a KD2RCQ {6
KD2RCQ-7 POCGAT-1 03/05 16:06:29z Send another KD2RCQ @ TEST{00009
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:05:27z Reply messaggio inviato a KD2RCQ {3
KD2RCQ-7 POCGAT-1 03/05 16:04:08z Send another KD2RCQ @ TEST OF POCGAT{00008
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:03:36z Reply messaggio inviato a KD2RCQ {8
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:03:05z Reply messaggio inviato a KD2RCQ {5
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:02:33z Reply messaggio inviato a KD2RCQ {0
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:02:17z Reply messaggio inviato a N2XDD {1
KD2RCQ-7 POCGAT-1 03/05 16:02:17z Send another N2XDD @ TEST OF POCGAT{00007
KD2RCQ-7 SMSGTE-ED 03/05 16:00:38z Send another But it could easily be from the radio. Just wanted to see if it wor{00006
KD2RCQ-7 SMSGTE-ED 03/05 16:00:17z Send another No open spot{00005
SMSGTE KD2RCQ-7 03/05 16:00:04z Reply @ED That's from your radio{M5466
KD2RCQ-7 N2XJS-12 03/05 16:00:03z Send another ?aprso{00004
KD2RCQ-7 SMSGTE-ED 03/05 15:59:45z Send another That works pretty well{00003
KD2RCQ-7 SMSGTE-ED 03/05 15:59:35z Send another TEST OF SMS GATe to you {00002
KD2RCQ-7 SMSGTE-ME 03/05 15:59:16z Send another TEST{00001
KD2RCQ-7 N2XJS-9 03/04 14:16:43z Send another I see your beacon{00001
N2XJS-12 KD2RCQ-7 03/03 18:30:39z Reply Thank you 73{49
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 16:20:39z Send another Hello{00010
KD2RCQ-7 N2XJS-12 03/03 16:19:36z Send another Welcome home de kd2rcq{00009
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 16:16:00z Send another Testing{00008
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 16:11:37z Send another Hello{00007
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 15:44:45z Send another ?aprso{00006
KD2RCQ-7 TA5AHO 03/03 15:36:38z Send another Hello A. Hamit Ote from Queens{00005
TA5AHO-4 KD2RCQ-7 03/03 15:36:01z Reply Hi Daniel Boggiano from TURKEY{6667
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 15:32:39z Send another I see you on aprs{00004
TA5AHO-4 KD2RCQ-7 03/03 15:31:26z Reply Hi Daniel Boggiano From TURKEY {6665
KD2RCQ-7 TA5AHO-4 03/03 15:30:14z Send another Thank you de KD2RCQ, Queens NYC{00003
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 15:29:44z Send another ?aprsp{00002
TA5AHO-4 KD2RCQ-7 03/03 15:29:11z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via FT1-XDE {6663
KD2RCQ-7 N2XDD-9 03/03 15:28:31z Send another I see you now{00001
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/26 14:59:30z Reply hi{m0001
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/24 17:06:02z Reply test{m0001
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/23 14:50:47z Reply aprs{m0001
N3FCX-4 KD2RCQ-7 02/23 00:47:21z Reply GUD TALKING TO U DANNY{22
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/23 00:43:47z Reply again to -7{m0006
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/23 00:40:00z Reply again to -7{m0005
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/23 00:36:32z Reply again to -7{m0004
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/23 00:31:12z Reply test -7{m0003
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/22 23:58:45z Reply test{m0002
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/22 00:53:56z Reply test to -7{m0002
KD2RCQ-10 KD2RCQ-7 02/21 13:21:33z Reply back to 0s3 from home at -7{m0003