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WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/29 01:32:55z Reply Hello KD2RCQ. Login valid for ~2 hours{33
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/29 01:32:54z Send another ko@whn{m0002
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/29 01:32:19z Reply Login [645]:{32
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/28 18:23:39z Reply Hello KD2RCQ. Login valid for ~2 hours{437
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/28 18:15:18z Send another L{m0004
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/28 18:08:39z Send another e45NYn{m0003
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/28 18:07:52z Reply Login [712]:{435
KD2RCQ WLINK 03/28 18:05:47z Send another hi{m0001
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/28 18:04:52z Send another hi{m0002
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/24 23:47:24z Reply 03/24/2020 23:47:17 No messages{111
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/24 23:47:23z Send another L{m0001
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/24 23:37:13z Send another Njnihs{m0001
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/24 23:29:27z Reply Login [159]:{108
KC1HHO-7 KD2RCQ 03/23 10:43:57z Reply Safe travels 73{08
WB2LMV KD2RCQ 03/22 13:50:15z Reply Hi Danny...Just checking in.{77
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 03/20 22:49:15z Send another {m000b
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 03/20 22:48:20z Send another {m000c
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/20 22:44:20z Reply @ED Yes definitely. I'll ttyl{M6818
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/20 22:42:52z Reply @ED Lol enjoy brother. Maybe tomorrow night I'll play w DSTAR{M6817
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/20 22:40:15z Reply @ED I just signed out. Gonna nap for a couple then sign back in{M6815
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 03/20 22:38:42z Send another ok....have to get you on 735Q{m000a
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 03/20 22:36:59z Send another ive been drinking..will be passed out by then{m0009
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/20 22:36:16z Reply @ED I'll be back about 2100{M6816
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ED 03/20 22:35:39z Send another ok have a good night{m0008
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-TN 03/20 22:35:00z Send another sednign this message from aprs{m0005
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ED 03/20 22:34:12z Send another playing radio{m0006
KD2RCQ SMSGE-ED 03/20 22:33:37z Send another playing radio{m0002
KD2RCQ SMSGE-ME 03/20 22:33:04z Send another playing radio{m0004
KD2RCQ SMSGE-ME 03/20 22:32:30z Send another playing radio{m0003
KD2RCQ SMSGE-TN 03/20 22:29:38z Send another sending this from aprs{m0001
N2XJS-12 KD2RCQ 03/18 09:19:37z Reply Doesn't matter, still have to come back! LOL 73{53
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/18 01:33:40z Reply @ME Hi{M6554
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ME 03/18 01:33:27z Send another Hi{8C109
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 03/18 01:16:55z Reply Login [285]:{186
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/18 01:03:03z Send another Hi{290D4
KD2RCQ N2XJS-12 03/18 00:38:23z Send another Good call going today.{CDB1A
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-TN 03/13 23:34:45z Send another sending msg via aprs{m000a
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ED 03/13 23:31:23z Send another I thought about taking that out tonight but didn't have energy{m0009
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ED 03/13 23:27:17z Send another checked email. need to learn the BBS more{m0008
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:26:18z Reply @ME To me{M6089
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:24:25z Reply @ED The othernet thing came today{M6088
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:24:02z Reply @ME K{M6086
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:24:02z Reply @ED Anything doin on packet?{M6085
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:23:33z Reply @ME k{M6087
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:22:44z Reply @ME 10-4{M6084
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ED 03/13 23:22:10z Send another I am bored out of my noggin{m0007
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ME 03/13 23:21:22z Send another testing{m0005
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 23:00:27z Reply @ED Just got it.{M6070
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/13 22:59:21z Reply @ED Enjoy the cigar{M6071
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ED 03/13 22:54:54z Send another I'm out playiing radio, getting windy{m0002
TA5AHO-4 KD2RCQ 03/12 12:14:48z Reply Hi my friend{7585
KD2RCQ N2YDC-1 03/10 23:48:49z Send another hello de kd2rcq{m0005
KD2RCQ W2TIN 03/10 23:29:47z Send another hello de kd2rcq{m0002
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/10 23:03:02z Send another hello{m0001
TA5AHO-4 KD2RCQ 03/08 13:36:23z Reply Hi Daniel Boggiano{6988
KD2TDL KD2RCQ 03/07 22:10:44z Reply hello{05
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ 03/07 21:48:41z Reply POCSAT GATEWAY: usa CALL@testo messaggio - www.dapnet-italia.it {6
KD2RCQ POCGAT- 03/07 21:48:19z Send another ?{m0001
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 03/07 21:47:53z Send another hi{C0001
POCGAT-1 KD2RCQ 03/07 21:46:41z Reply POCSAT GATEWAY: usa CALL@testo messaggio - www.dapnet-italia.it {4
KD2RCQ POCGAT-1 03/07 21:46:41z Send another ?{m0002
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/01 00:14:34z Reply @ME hello{M5089
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/01 00:12:36z Reply @ME Hi{M5088
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/01 00:12:29z Reply @ME Test{M5087
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/01 00:11:48z Reply @ME test{M5086
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 03/01 00:10:05z Reply )SMSGTE!4915.89N/12306.22W$https://smsgte.org{Q5085
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 03/01 00:10:05z Send another ?aprso{m0001
KD2RCQ N2XDD-9 02/29 15:20:07z Send another on the repeater{m0001
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/29 14:48:25z Reply @ED Aprsm{M4985
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/28 23:47:20z Reply @SR Got it. Just got Off FaceTime call with your mom.{M4915
KD2RCQ N2YDC-1 02/28 23:36:45z Send another hi de kd2rcq{m000a
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-SR 02/28 23:29:49z Send another sending a txt via RF from radio in backyard{m0009
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 02/28 23:25:39z Send another eY876k{m0008
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 02/28 23:21:02z Reply Login [836]:{279
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/28 23:20:38z Reply @ME Hi back{M4909
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ME 02/28 23:20:24z Send another hi{m0006
KD2RCQ SMSGTE-ME 02/28 23:16:27z Send another hi{m0004
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 02/28 23:14:49z Send another @me hi{m0003
KD2RCQ KD2EDX-11 02/28 01:01:28z Send another thanks for your winlink and aprs digi{m0009
KD2RCQ WLINK 02/28 00:54:16z Send another hi{m0007
KD2RCQ WLINK 02/28 00:52:45z Send another hi{m0008
WHO-IS KD2RCQ 02/28 00:49:03z Reply T/Daniel Boggiano/NY/United States{558
KD2RCQ WHO-IS 02/28 00:49:02z Send another kd2rcq{m0006
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/28 00:37:38z Reply @me Hi{M4803
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 02/28 00:37:28z Send another @me test{m0005
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 02/28 00:35:43z Send another @ed call me if you can{m0004
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 02/28 00:32:42z Send another @6314848826 I am all on smsgte{m0003
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/28 00:25:01z Reply The number 9174955287 has been associated with this callsign.{C4801
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 02/28 00:25:01z Send another #mynumber add 9174955287{m0002
KD2RCQ SMSGTE 02/28 00:23:38z Send another @9174955287 test{m0001
N2XDD-9 KD2RCQ 02/27 12:22:36z Reply mornin{30
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 02/26 23:38:22z Reply Hello KD2RCQ. Login valid for ~2 hours{129
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 02/26 23:38:20z Send another snY897{m0002
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 02/26 23:33:43z Reply Login [952]:{128
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/24 19:13:02z Reply @N2XDD Are you at the training the whole day{M4591
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/24 19:12:24z Reply @N2XDD ?aprsm{M4590
SMSGTE KD2RCQ 02/24 19:09:32z Reply @N2XDD sent from phone via smsgte{M4589
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 02/23 19:22:32z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{129
KD2RCQ WLNK-1 02/23 19:20:31z Send another sbesyu{m0004
WLNK-1 KD2RCQ 02/23 19:19:16z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{128