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KD2RCQ KD2EDX-11 02/28 01:01:28z Reply thanks for your winlink and aprs digi{m0009
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-7 02/23 22:33:23z Send another test{VA}
KD2EDX-11 KM2ARC-15 02/20 21:55:43z Send another Sounds like RF!{UZ}WA
KM2ARC-15 KD2EDX-11 02/20 21:55:18z Reply Is this over RF of intenet???{WA}UY
KD2EDX-11 KM2ARC-15 02/20 21:54:45z Send another This is a test{UY}
KM2ARC-15 KD2EDX-11 02/20 21:54:45z Reply THis is a test back....I Got the message!{VZ}UY
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/18 04:03:25z Send another testimg{JS}
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/18 03:54:13z Send another nnn{JR}
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/18 03:53:34z Send another kk{JQ}
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/18 03:53:04z Send another test{JP}
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/18 03:52:59z Reply ABC123{08
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/18 03:52:52z Reply ABC123{07
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/18 03:36:13z Reply ABC123{06
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/18 03:33:39z Reply ABC123{05
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/18 03:30:59z Send another test{JO}
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/17 23:41:54z Reply HALLO.12300{04
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/17 23:41:00z Send another here it is{JN}
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/17 23:40:36z Reply HELLO.1230{03
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/17 23:40:07z Reply HELLO.1230{02
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/17 23:37:54z Send another Got your message{JM}
KD2EDX-1 KD2EDX-11 02/17 23:37:23z Reply HELLO.123{01
KD2EDX-11 KD2EDX-1 02/17 22:46:45z Send another hello{JC}