KC9TFI-9 messages

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KC9TFI-9 SMSGTE 10/03 19:30:23z Send another @3093973219 Hi from ham radio{22
KC9TFI-9 SMSGTE 09/30 20:37:09z Send another @3096459875 Happy Birthday from Big Sur{21
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/30 17:03:42z Reply @3096459875 THANK YOU{M2981
KC9TFI-9 SMSGTE 09/30 16:56:44z Send another @3096459875 Happy Birthday ham radio{20
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/30 15:12:53z Reply @3096459875 Thank you Ha!{M2973
KC9TFI-9 SMSGTE 09/30 14:34:42z Send another @3096459875 Happy Birthday S.S. ${19
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/29 21:50:24z Reply @3096459875 Shit{M2864
KC9TFI-9 SMSGTE 09/29 21:39:07z Send another @3096459875 happy birthday from ham radio{18
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/28 15:35:39z Reply @3096459875 You guys ok? Weather is getting sketchy{M2637
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/28 15:32:33z Reply @3096459875 KC9TFI-9 WHy didn't you reply? The weather is getting c{M2635
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/27 03:31:54z Reply @3096459875 just wanted to see if I can figure this out so you won{M2492
KP4IA KC9TFI-9 09/27 00:52:21z Reply Hello there, greetings from the Caribbean 73{98
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/24 16:29:02z Reply @3096459875 I forgot how to do it{M2315
KC9TFI-9 SMSGTE 09/24 15:56:54z Send another @3096459875 @ yosemite. no cell. ham radio! luv u{17
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/22 19:35:11z Reply @2066787481 test{M2182
KC9TFI-9 KC9TFI-9 09/22 19:32:22z Send another test{16
KC9TFI-9 KC9TFI-9 09/22 19:10:02z Send another test{15
SMSGTE KC9TFI-9 09/12 16:09:04z Reply @2066787481 test{M1226