KC9BUH-7 messages

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KC9BUH-7 KC9BUH-7 11/08 03:20:25z Send another what's up{02
KC9BUH-7 KC9BUH-7 11/08 03:19:24z Send another where are u at?{03
KC9BUH-7 KC9BUH-15 11/04 11:02:48z Send another where are u at? {01
W9SAR KC9BUH-7 10/21 02:59:04z Reply how much power are u running on your digi????{10
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/21 02:51:59z Reply hello 73{10
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/19 13:11:51z Reply really nice out today 73 have good day Bob {76
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/19 03:00:15z Reply hello 73 {69
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/19 03:00:03z Reply hello 73 {68
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/19 02:48:49z Reply hello 73 {67
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/19 02:48:32z Reply hello 73 {66
N0ZNA-7 KC9BUH-7 10/19 01:41:24z Reply hello 73 {63
KC9BUH-7 KC9BUH-7 10/04 01:04:20z Send another call me{01
KC9BUH-7 KC9BUH-9 09/24 13:20:24z Send another let's eat{05
KC9BUH-7 KC9ZAR-9 09/23 01:51:21z Send another trying text on this{04
KC9BUH-7 KC9ZAR-9 09/22 22:19:11z Send another hello right back{03
KC9BUH-7 KC9ZAR-9 09/21 01:29:54z Send another hello right back{02
KC9BUH-7 KC9ZAR-9 09/21 01:25:32z Send another hello right back{01
KC9ZAR-9 KC9BUH-7 09/20 23:51:11z Reply hello{5
KC9ZAR-10 KC9BUH-7 09/19 14:32:57z Reply I got it my screen was red with your text{5
KC9BUH-7 KC9ZAR-10 09/19 07:39:20z Send another HI test{01
KC9ZAR-7 KC9BUH-7 09/19 04:40:30z Reply whats up? playing{0
W9KHP-9 KC9BUH-7 09/16 21:33:14z Reply hey mike im playing w grp mon on 991. 146.470 dn mode gm button{01
W9KHP-7 KC9BUH-7 09/15 01:53:33z Reply hi kc9buh ft2d alsMonitor 146.520{01
W9KHP-7 KC9BUH-7 09/15 01:51:22z Reply hi mike rx ur tx. just got this radio still learning it. ray{02