KC9BUH-15 messages

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KC9BUH-15 KC9BUP-9 11/15 20:35:04z Send another hi whats up? just texting you to test it mike kc9buh{04
KC9BUH-15 KB9PFM 11/12 13:37:18z Send another where are u at kc9buh{03
KC9BUH-15 KC9ZAR-9 11/11 16:16:54z Send another where are u at? just testing{02
KC9BUH-15 W9SAR 11/09 14:33:59z Send another what's up just testing canned message{02
K9DC-7 KC9BUH-15 11/08 14:17:47z Reply 73{1
KC9BUH-15 K9DC-7 11/08 14:15:11z Send another kind of fun really neat to see you from down here later dave bye{03
K9DC-7 KC9BUH-15 11/08 14:11:09z Reply yup dont turn it onvery of:K9DC-7 :ack0
K9DC-7 KC9BUH-15 11/08 14:11:00z Reply yup dont turn it onvery often{0
KC9BUH-15 K9DC-7 11/08 14:05:33z Send another hi dave good morning seen your beacon mike{02
KK4CUH KC9BUH-15 11/08 13:07:28z Reply HELLO WORLD!!!{02}
KC9BUH-15 KK4CUH-3 11/07 20:12:10z Send another hello right back{02
KC9BUH-7 KC9BUH-15 11/04 11:02:48z Reply where are u at? {01
KC9BUH-15 KC9BUH-10 10/17 19:11:20z Send another text me{02
KC9BUH-15 KC9BUH-9 10/16 15:31:59z Send another kc9buh-15 says hello{02