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KC8EMF KB8HHQ 06/13 01:22:23z Send another sent all note over.been busy in out lots here.{24
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 06/09 01:29:01z Reply just got down here we will be here for a bit not to long am tired.{72
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 06/08 17:59:04z Send another 73s{23
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 06/08 17:58:56z Send another got comp from lowerr mich be in out..{22
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 06/08 17:58:29z Send another sent u packet yesterday?{21
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 06/08 17:58:17z Send another home now 12 bells?{20
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 06/08 01:45:44z Reply hi pat you around tonight?{71
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 06/07 14:12:54z Send another hi ollie sent u packet hgw.. kc8emf.{19
KC8EMF W9ABA-4 06/06 01:04:44z Send another hi ed its working fb..{18
W9ABA-4 KC8EMF 06/05 21:14:55z Reply test message pat from my APRS STATION {02
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/30 12:55:50z Send another thanks for info bruce hgd kc8emf..{17
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/30 01:13:01z Reply k8lod-r{0E}16
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/30 01:12:38z Reply node #420942{0D}16
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/30 01:11:49z Reply the 27 rept is the echolink{0C}16
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/30 01:01:12z Send another 73s for now hgn kc8emf norway mi..{16
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/30 00:58:20z Send another the irom mtn reapter hooked echo call is w8jwn-r{15
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/30 00:56:17z Send another do u have the call sign of echolink?{14
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/30 00:55:57z Send another do u know what repter up ur way hooked up to echolink?{13
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/30 00:54:52z Send another hi bruce u home?{12
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:43:06z Send another nice meet u bruce hgd kc8emf..{11
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:18:11z Send another just got off the group on 3906?{10
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:17:28z Reply about 8 crow miles.{0A}09
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:17:22z Send another give me holler on 27 see if get through?{09
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:16:52z Reply think its at the 27 site. I'm usually on 27.{09}08
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:16:41z Send another how far are u fropm 27 repter?{08
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:15:57z Send another 82 at republic?{07
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:15:37z Reply right 442.2. Digipeater W a Beofang 777{08}06
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:14:49z Send another 27? repter?{06
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:14:09z Send another its linked to 440 repter here?{05
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:13:43z Send another can u use 2m from there?{04
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:12:24z Send another here too{03
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:12:22z Send another great u keep in tough some way gd..he might have echolink hook up{02
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:12:10z Reply it's on 70cm. linked repeatres from the region. mostly Wisc (Milw){07}01
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:11:14z Reply Yup work.{06}01
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:11:09z Send another whats the 38 grounp on 80m?{01
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:10:32z Reply he has a link up here to the 38 group. keeps in touch{05}00
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:09:55z Send another ya i dont know unless his work brought him there?{00
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:09:10z Reply ya. seems to enjoy the big city.{04}99
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:08:58z Send another i heard him on gb machine one day or another?{99
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:08:34z Send another paul moved to gb i heard? nice guy?{98
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:06:51z Reply I know Paul, Have not met Brandon. Hear him on often. Paul seems to{03}97
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:06:23z Send another its working..{97
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:05:57z Reply c u on the map. software is Xastir running on a Rasp PI{02}96
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:05:53z Send another how about kb0p{96
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:05:25z Send another do u know brandon n8pum{95
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:04:05z Send another hello bruce im down by iron mtn actualy norway mi..{94
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 15:03:20z Reply GM from Marq. Handle Bruce. new to aprs still learning{01}93
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 15:01:58z Send another handle pat{93
KC8EMF KC8KLM 05/24 14:59:46z Send another gm from u.p.{92
KC8KLM KC8EMF 05/24 14:59:00z Reply ?VER
KC8EMF N0MR 05/22 01:31:45z Send another 73s hgn.. no dennis tonite either so pll plug here?{91
KC8EMF N0MR 05/22 01:31:05z Send another i replied but u might get it for week or so lol?{90
KC8EMF N0MR 05/22 01:30:26z Send another tonite got bunch including urs{89
KC8EMF N0MR 05/22 01:30:00z Send another ya i see mail either all comes in or nothing for few days?{88
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 15:46:45z Send another rebooted but dont seem right yet?{87
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 15:40:08z Send another ill rebbot my puker and see?{86
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 15:34:56z Send another mail is not going out got my note back i sent to u{85
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 15:14:00z Send another sent u note see if u get it?{84
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 15:12:15z Send another nothing in box from u {83
N0MR KC8EMF 05/20 15:11:43z Reply Send me a packet. I think it is working.{22
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 15:11:06z Send another gm jerry ill ck see?{82
N0MR KC8EMF 05/20 14:32:32z Reply Did you get a packet? Send me one.{21
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 13:17:56z Send another i sent winlink last nite dont know if u got it but?{81
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 13:13:31z Send another clear up but far not gd{80
KC8EMF N0MR 05/20 13:13:23z Send another gm jerry how are u doing?sun was out now gloom.supposed warm up{79
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 22:26:49z Send another figing out what do out there?i have ideas looking for clamps i had?{78
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 22:26:06z Send another ive been sleeping on couch.looked at cb ant outside just now..{77
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 22:25:00z Send another he said not to send notes till he fig out the big prob with system?{76
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 22:24:20z Send another jerry sent today on sunday....not ll he figured out the big prob..{75
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 14:23:11z Send another 73s hgd kc8emf..{74
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 14:22:50z Send another be home in afternoon.going find clamps for bigger pipe cb ant..{73
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 14:22:15z Send another hi ollie fell asleep in chair last nite eh?{72
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/18 16:23:10z Send another before that crated this mess yet?{71
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/18 16:20:25z Send another just talked jerry on echolink he said it was the hacker from{70
KC8EMF N0MR 05/18 14:15:48z Send another sent packet also 73s hgd...{69
KC8EMF N0MR 05/18 14:14:56z Send another ya..{68
KC8EMF N0MR 05/18 14:14:53z Send another hi jerry its working now cking bbs.. tryed u on echo nut no get{67
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 20:10:22z Send another be in out for while{66
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 20:09:59z Send another something still goofy up someplace still getting notices{65
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:51:26z Send another its not cking junos.. winlink seems be cking?{64
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:38:30z Send another 73s hgd kc8emf..{63
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:36:21z Send another planted potatos yesterday..{62
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:34:56z Send another been busty with kid and garden..went fishing l;ast nite..{61
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/17 12:34:03z Send another hello junos need reboot or something goofy?{57
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:33:02z Send another everything elses honky dory?{60
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:32:48z Send another dennis junos needs reboot i think? getting notices back..{59
KC8EMF N0MR 05/17 12:31:52z Send another hello jerry how things going?{58
KC8EMF N8PUM-9 05/09 17:03:36z Send another hello mr?{55
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/09 14:16:20z Send another ill try catch u tonite if home here?{54
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/09 14:13:33z Send another went from nocall to kc8emf-7 it came through?{53
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/09 14:12:45z Send another gm ollie! ur at work i suppose...got packets finaly at silo..{52
KC8EMF N0MR 05/09 13:50:32z Send another gm jerry,.. cant recive any packets from dennis at silo?{51
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/08 12:51:56z Send another 73s hgd...kc8emf...{50
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/08 12:51:38z Send another its cking it fb.. but he must found something wrong i dont know?{49
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/08 12:51:05z Send another jerry packeted said rebbot ur junos.? seems be ok here ?{48
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/06 13:23:25z Send another hello! been out feilds working up ground?{47
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/06 00:49:43z Send another u ho,me u{46
KC8EMF W9ABA 05/04 01:47:11z Send another hello ed i see ur house and where u are.gd...{45
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/30 00:39:52z Send another put in alarms box on echolink..{44
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/30 00:39:25z Send another the 146880...machine put in w8cdz-r.to get grab on bruce ke8dcj.{43