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WLNK-1 KC6VVT 04/19 03:23:34z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{291
KC6VVT WLNK-1 04/19 03:23:33z Send another nl5{AS}
WLNK-1 KC6VVT 04/19 03:22:35z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{290
KC6VVT WLNK-1 04/19 03:22:34z Send another NL5{AR}
WLNK-1 KC6VVT 04/19 03:22:10z Reply Login [253]:{289
KC6VVT WLNK-1 04/19 03:22:09z Send another SP KA9RES@WINLINK.ORG{AQ}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/17 20:45:20z Reply i am home!{91
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/17 04:25:26z Reply Hello from Muscatine! de K9LGE/0{74
K9BDH-7 KC6VVT 04/15 02:14:12z Reply have agoodweek{07
KC6VVT K9BDH-7 04/15 02:11:14z Send another Hi Brad{GK}
K9BDH-7 KC6VVT 04/15 01:53:19z Reply howdy{06
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/15 00:17:31z Send another Monitoring{GJ}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 23:56:43z Send another Rgr ur last. On local net 2 Meter repeater back in service.{GI}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 22:47:58z Reply INSP on scene. Some injuries.{33
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 22:47:36z Reply mile marker 73.{32
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 22:47:14z Reply multi vehicle accident on I-55 southbound approximately mile marke{31
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:43:49z Send another Great, or video if you have 4G or better. Facebook stuff.{GH}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:40:23z Reply new phone mount, can take forward pictures through windshield.{30
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:45z Send another photos?{GG}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:22z Send another What picks?{GF}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:01z Send another wind. {GE}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:01z Send another Great. Radar showing snow clouds either side I-55 w Northerly+{GD}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:38:01z Reply hVes picks, will send later on today.{29
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:36:37z Reply roadway completely clear, almost no snow.{28
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:33:56z Send another Updated, I-55 clear now.{GC}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:30:21z Send another Between McLean truckstop and Atlant it begins.{GB}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:29:00z Send another Either side of Lincoln about same distance. {GA}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:28:12z Reply just about there, I will confirm.{27
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:27:18z Send another IDOT reports I-55 South of Bloomington partly covered roadway.{FZ}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:25:39z Send another white/beige, no purple/mauve, hi hi{FY}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:24:38z Reply if you're not picky about color. :-){26
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:24:09z Reply I'll check my warehouse inventory on Wednesday, might have one!{25
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:22:02z Send another Hard to find long curly wire handset cords these days.{FX}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:21:31z Send another Kitchen phone has issues with cord and old overhead sink light.{FW}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:20:16z Reply Rodger that on the hum. Some dropouts too.{24
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:19:27z Send another Phone line hum? You ran over again {FV}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:18:47z Send another Earlier, East West roads are worse here.{FU}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:18:35z Reply by the way, both times I talked with you on the phone there was a {23
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:17:19z Reply I-88 was actually worse.{22
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:16:47z Reply I think all the traffic kept the pavement warm.{21
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:15:41z Send another Snowing here, 5 + inches. Compacts quick.{FT}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:14:11z Reply I am fine. Weather is clearing up as I go south.{20
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:12:53z Send another Hi, Denise son is visiting here. R U OK?{FS}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 18:58:38z Reply pavement conditions, both lanes wet but clear.{15
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 16:08:10z Reply would that be okay?{99
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 16:07:54z Reply stopping by on my way to STL.{98
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 16:07:35z Reply just checking on weather conditions down there, was thinking about{97
KC6VVT K9ZQ-3 04/12 16:26:22z Send another No ham lunch today? Enjoy the trip, Mark! 73 de Pat{QC}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/11 20:30:57z Reply hello Pat how are you?{40
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/08 20:26:44z Send another Understand your antenna flopped over, hi hi.{SI}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 20:20:54z Reply apparently this Mac Mount is not rated for over 55 miles an hour.{56
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 20:20:21z Reply I will have no RF until I get off of I-80.{55
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/08 20:15:19z Send another Tracking you on I-80 Westbound.{SH}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 19:40:09z Reply I am on the way from Joliet.{54
KC6VVT KB9VZH-9 04/08 19:03:49z Send another Hi Matt - nice track OM 73 de Pat{SG}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/08 19:02:02z Send another okay on that, but will be in and out of the shack.{SF}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 18:52:29z Reply we'll monitor the Starved Rock 440 machine when I get close to 80.{53
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/08 18:52:10z Send another Still here at home.{SE}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 18:51:57z Reply then I'll be on my way to you.{52
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 18:51:33z Reply I have to stop at Graybar Electric in Joliet to pick up some suppl{51
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 17:29:32z Reply "honey dos" done so i can leave on a good note.{50
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/08 17:28:50z Reply hi pat, still trying to leave. getting some...{49
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:49:43z Send another Will do, travel safe!{AD}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/06 17:48:33z Reply sounds good, say hi for me! 73{29
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:47:57z Send another Have to go to Dee's house, catch you later or Monday. 73{AC}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:42:28z Send another Tracking 6 callsigns on two balloons over Michigan also.{AB}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:41:07z Send another ha ha, got that complete.{AA}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/06 17:40:45z Reply yeah, better at writing shorthand than dictating it. :-){28
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:40:03z Send another Keep it short, missing ends of your text.{ZZ}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/06 17:38:34z Reply excellent! Will message you on Monday when I have a better idea of{27
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:35:48z Send another Yup, should be. {ZY}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/06 17:34:57z Reply I think I'll be heading to Beardstown on Monday. Will you be aroun{26
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/06 17:34:31z Reply yes it was a long journey Pat.{25
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/06 17:33:40z Send another Welcome back to Illinois, Eric. Epic journey it was. 73 Pat{ZX}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/28 21:07:49z Send another RGR, restarting program{OP}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/28 21:07:15z Reply In Lawrence ks with family.{68
KC6VVT KE0HBR-7 03/26 17:40:26z Send another ?APRSP
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/25 00:23:05z Reply requesting Final Approach Vector for IFR Landing.{23
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/25 00:19:20z Reply also bringing some kringla to go with the coffee.{22
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/25 00:16:56z Send another Just making sure no need to call in for relay.{FA}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/25 00:15:15z Reply cannot confirm injuries or not, looks like accident may have happe{21
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/25 00:13:51z Send another Roger, no injury accident. ISP on scene.{EZ}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/25 00:11:01z Reply unbury the semi. More details when I arrive.{20
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/25 00:10:23z Reply only single state police Trooper while the tow truck worked to unb{19
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/25 00:08:45z Send another Were emergency services on scene of accident?{EY}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/25 00:06:52z Send another Wow{EX}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/25 00:02:35z Reply marking accident location, back up to speed.{18
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/25 00:01:17z Send another Landing lights on, approach clear, standard pattern.{EW}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/24 23:59:06z Reply no RF sir, I ran out of batteries. Am I clear for approach?{17
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/24 23:57:19z Send another Hi Eric, listening 440.050{EV}
WHO-IS KC6VVT 03/24 00:06:48z Reply T/Craig H Williams/WV/United States{NF}QK
KC6VVT WHO-IS 03/24 00:06:48z Send another KC9DAH{QK}
KC6VVT WM6H-1 03/21 19:40:47z Send another Good test, OM - 73 de Pat KC6VVT{QP}
KC6VVT ALL 03/20 08:42:55z Send another ?APRS
K9LGE KC6VVT 03/11 20:01:53z Reply Will monitor HT on SRRC 440 when I get to 80 WB from 71.{XS}GZ
K9LGE KC6VVT 03/11 20:00:49z Reply Leaving QTH...have to PU tools at storage then heading SW. :-){XR}GZ
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/06 23:41:06z Send another Listening on 52{FS}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/06 22:38:23z Reply on 52{62
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 03/06 22:37:49z Send another Hi Eric see ya soon?{FR}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 03/06 21:48:32z Reply one hour away{61