KC5EOR-1 messages

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KC5EOR-1 DCR-YSF19 08/02 00:42:39z Send another 17:02:6.960 pl 110.9 -0.6{
KC5EOR-1 DCR-YSF00 07/31 06:02:36z Send another 36:59:6.960 pl 110.9 -0.6{
KC5EOR-1 LEO-7 : 07/27 11:48:50z Send another s2.0 U=14.0V{:LEO-7 :us2.0 U=14.0V{`|Ri",a>/]"5M}w/o 2nd Amend.others suggest
KC5EOR-1 LEO-7 : 07/27 11:40:05z Send another s2.p U=14.0V{`|Gu!,a>/]w/o 2nd Amend.others suggest
KC5EOR-1 7N-2 0: 07/25 13:52:50z Send another T-D878UV II+ WINLIN:7N-2 0:AT-D878UV II+ WINLIN:7N-2 0:AT-D878UV II+ WINLIN`|;Rn\H>/]"5Z}w/o 2nd Amend.others sug
KC5EOR-1 4QZ-10 #: 07/16 00:31:08z Send another EACHED THE DEAN TEX------------{`|@zlh>>/]"5b}w/o 2nd Amend.others suggest
KC5EOR-1 FTW-5 : 07/10 00:52:29z Send another TW Chapter TX VHF-F{
KC5EOR-1 5UIG-10: 07/03 00:52:18z Send another e - Krum, Texas{`|LR!@ >/]"5I}w/o 2nd Amend.others suggest
KC5EOR-1 5TC : 07/03 00:52:18z Send another gAQ!|3{
KC5EOR-1 5TC : 07/03 00:45:13z Send another AQ!|3{
KC5EOR-1 5TC : 07/03 00:45:08z Send another ÷AQ!|3{
KC5EOR-1 5TC : 07/03 00:42:54z Send another wAQ!|3{
KC5EOR-1 4QZ-10 : 07/03 00:42:51z Send another AACHED THE DEAN TEX------------
KC5EOR-1 4QZ-10 : 07/03 00:42:45z Send another EACHED THE DEAN TEX------------