KC4OJS-3 messages

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KC4OJS-3 KN4FIH 05/15 14:32:51z Send another Hey back!
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:32:05z Send another LOL!
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:31:42z Send another But u can’t hide
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:31:21z Send another U can run
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:31:01z Send another Get back to work
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT-10 05/15 14:30:34z Send another Get your gas and go
KN4FIH KC4OJS-3 05/14 21:58:47z Reply Hey{7
KD4STT-10 KC4OJS-3 05/11 00:01:13z Reply evening Kenny {1
KD4STT KC4OJS-3 05/09 23:38:30z Reply kenny i sent you the email from tim b.{BW}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/09 00:39:51z Reply What OS for APRS is he using, I am not fimilure with TNC-X.{02}
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/09 00:36:02z Send another Do I need to make changes to KD4STT-3?
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/09 00:34:12z Send another Cool! What works?
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/08 23:50:39z Reply It works. . {01}
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-1 05/07 07:12:03z Send another Got pmap9 for you{24
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-1 05/07 07:11:44z Send another Going back to sleep{23
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-1 05/07 07:11:25z Send another Yep{22
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-1 05/07 07:10:42z Send another No joy to kd4stt-3 or kd4stt. works you and kc4ojs-3{21
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-1 05/07 07:09:46z Send another TEST, TEST, TEST{20
KC4OJS-3 KC4OJS-3 05/07 07:09:06z Send another TEST, TEST{19
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT 05/07 07:05:45z Send another Test message via MRX2-2 from Kenny per Kevin Test, Test{17
KC4OJS-3 ALL 05/03 00:30:31z Send another 73's and good night all{16
KC4OJS-3 ALL 05/03 00:29:50z Send another watch the wx{15
KC4OJS-3 ALL 05/03 00:29:09z Send another have a good evening{14
KC4OJS-3 ALL 05/03 00:27:44z Send another {12
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-7 05/03 00:25:30z Send another Did the MRX path help{11
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:20:12z Reply MRX success. . {11
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:14:14z Reply Not long. I thinking.{10
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-7 05/03 00:13:45z Send another How long has it been there{10
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:12:10z Reply DUH{9
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-7 05/03 00:11:27z Send another Oh crap..there it is{09
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:10:15z Reply Looking at WX North of Dyersburg. Interesting.{8
W3GME KC4OJS-3 05/03 00:00:50z Reply No RF now{UA}
KC4OJS-3 ALL 05/03 00:00:17z Send another {06
W3GME KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:59:09z Reply Thomas just got home{TZ}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 05/02 23:57:27z Send another Kevin is on too{05
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:56:45z Send another Hybrid digi...uggg{02
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:56:04z Send another to check if MRX is still in path{01
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:55:49z Send another Yep, I will have to shut down{00
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:55:21z Reply I using BPQ32, AGWPE and SigLnnk.{4
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:54:37z Send another Using UIVIEW...ugggh{99
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:51:23z Reply I can't figure it out, It works great, but no MRX1-1 responce{3
KC4OJS-3 KF4YMC-13 05/02 23:50:21z Send another Dont see the digi{96
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:49:16z Reply You don't even see my digi, do you OJ . . .{2
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:47:58z Send another {95
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:47:17z Send another Im -3{94
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:46:36z Send another Im not -7{93
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:45:12z Send another You going to school tomorrow?{91
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:41:26z Send another Im digi via kd4stt and kg4fzr{90
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:40:44z Send another Cool!{89
W3GME KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:40:07z Reply Both RF and APRSIS{TV}
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:40:03z Send another You recovered yet?{88
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:38:57z Send another Hey Gary{87
KC4OJS-3 W3GM3 05/02 23:38:16z Send another Hey Gary{86
W3GME KC4OJS-3 05/02 23:37:14z Reply Yes{TU}
KC4OJS-3 ALL 05/02 23:34:52z Send another anyone listening{85
KF4YMC KC4OJS-3 04/27 19:45:41z Reply Digi Jump test. . . {01
KF4YMC KC4OJS-3 04/27 19:43:04z Reply Testing. . .?{00
KC4OJS-3 KB8BKZ-8 04/27 06:55:48z Send another Good morning{84
KC4OJS-3 N712NC 04/27 06:54:44z Send another Good morning{83
KC4OJS-3 KB1LQP-1 04/27 06:54:13z Send another Morning{82
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:54:07z Send another Catch you later, alligator{81
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:53:36z Reply Thanks Kenny{UC}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:53:21z Send another guy{80
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:53:17z Send another But Paul is a good EMCOMM{79
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:53:04z Send another Won't leave you in a lurch{78
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:52:54z Send another else will present...I can{77
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:52:45z Send another 73's and if no one{76
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:52:34z Send another Have a good evening my friend{75
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:52:19z Reply ...got to run...73, Kenny{UB}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:51:08z Send another better than me{74
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:50:57z Send another Darris knows APRS{73
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:50:24z Send another Yep...Reed is a good guy!{72
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:49:46z Reply Reed mentioned he might...could you back him up?{UA}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:48:51z Send another I'll back him up{71
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:48:32z Send another Better let Paul do that{70
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:48:17z Reply OK, so, you ready to give a presentation to the club?{TZ}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:48:00z Send another I digi-ing thru Thomas and club{69
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:47:39z Send another Had to reboot computer{68
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:47:01z Reply Yes{TY}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:46:53z Send another Can you hear me now?{67
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:38:10z Reply ...ready to give a presentation to the club?{TX}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:37:35z Send another to understand it{61
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:37:28z Send another about FS I needed{60
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:37:20z Send another Figured if I got asked{59
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:37:04z Send another about a year ago{58
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:36:13z Send another Yaesu makes it simple{56
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:36:04z Send another Nothing to learn{55
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:35:32z Reply ...guess I need to start learning fusion{TW}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:34:41z Send another FUSION DX2 in AMS mode{54
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:34:12z Reply Digi or voice{TV}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:33:47z Send another Its only 5 watts now...testing{52
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:32:58z Reply Great .. Freq, PL, etc?{TU}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:32:14z Send another Got my repeater up and running{51
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:31:51z Reply Good evening{TT}
KC4OJS-3 W3GME 04/25 23:31:42z Send another Hey Gary{50
W3GME KC4OJS-3 04/25 23:31:01z Reply Me{TS}
KC4OJS-3 ALL 04/25 23:29:42z Send another Anyone available for messaging?{49
KC4OJS-3 W3GME-6 04/11 23:37:31z Send another My MESH is bigger than Thomas' MESH{48
KC4OJS-3 KD4STT 04/11 23:36:50z Send another across the room{47