KC4OJS-14 messages

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W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:47:54z Reply 73{20
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:47:18z Reply digi or Winlink{19
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:46:32z Send another 73s my friend..SATURDAY!{48
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:46:08z Send another yes, simple fix{47
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:45:41z Reply 73 Kenny{18
KC4OJS-14 KD4STT 04/11 23:45:23z Send another 73s my friend{45
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:45:12z Send another Yes...simple fix{46
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:44:39z Reply club station?{17
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:43:59z Send another Got to run guys..up at 4:30 tomorrow{43
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:43:06z Send another May need server reset{41
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:42:15z Send another I don't think the club station is{39
KC4OJS-14 KD4STT 04/11 23:42:00z Send another That way no surprises{38
KC4OJS-14 KD4STT 04/11 23:41:45z Send another I took the drill out of the que{37
KC4OJS-14 KD4STT 04/11 23:41:01z Send another What yellow symbols?{36
W3GME-6 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:40:58z Reply cool{16
KC4OJS-14 W3GME-6 04/11 23:40:25z Send another This is from the MESH server{35
KC4OJS-3 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:36:08z Reply Yep...just having way too much fun{45
KC4OJS-3 KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:34:59z Reply What yellow symbols..there purple{44
KD4STT KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:33:35z Reply whats up with the yellow symbols{YO}
W3GME KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:32:08z Reply How many of these things are you going to put up?{KV}
W3GME KC4OJS-14 04/11 23:27:20z Reply You have objects everywhere!!!{KT}
KF4YMC-13 KC4OJS-14 04/11 02:07:00z Reply Oh? o{01}