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KC4OJS KP4IP-2 09/21 01:03:08z Send another Praying for you friend
KC4OJS WP4X-I 09/21 00:41:02z Send another Praying for you friend!
KC4OJS AA4DE 09/04 09:02:13z Send another Thanks 4 prayers. Arrived Sugerland safe.
KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 08/31 20:39:18z Send another Hey Tripp...kw{68
KC4OJS KK4BYX-10 08/31 20:36:37z Send another Hey Tripp..kw{67
KC4OJS-9 KC4OJS 08/16 00:58:02z Reply TEST{5
WXBOT KC4OJS 07/29 19:11:47z Reply 4 Miles WSW Madisonville TN. This Afternoon,Sunny High 82F{LZ
KC4OJS WXBOT 07/29 19:11:40z Send another ee{66
KC4OJS KM4KJP-7 07/27 23:04:27z Send another Again! Congratulations!{65
KC4OJS KM4KJP-7 07/27 23:03:06z Send another My station is on 24/7. Send reply when you get this.{64
KC4OJS KM4KJP-7 07/27 23:01:17z Send another If your radio is on, it should get this message {63
KC4OJS KM4KJP-7 07/27 22:59:53z Send another KC4OJS is an RF only station.{62
KC4OJS KM4KJP-7 07/27 22:57:54z Send another This is Kenny KC4OJS via APRS{61
SMSGTE KC4OJS 07/26 01:04:23z Reply @4233683684 Nope{M8275
SMSGTE KC4OJS 07/26 00:58:29z Reply @4233513669 ????{M8274
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:57:36z Send another @4233513669 Hey Syble!{60
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:56:00z Send another @4233683684 U got it working {59
SMSGTE KC4OJS 07/26 00:54:41z Reply @4233683684 Lol....that site won't pull up for me{M8271
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:54:14z Send another @4233683684 Others say APRS is useless..LOL!{58
SMSGTE KC4OJS 07/26 00:52:43z Reply @4233683684 You are the man...but I missed your text until now{M8270
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:22:09z Send another @4233683684 U can text to APRS{57
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:21:40z Send another @4233683684 howto www.smsgte.wixsite.com{56
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:20:51z Send another @4233683684 APRS to texting! Neat!{55
KC4OJS SMSGTE 07/26 00:20:08z Send another @4233683684 Relay me in via APRS tonight..tnx{54
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/26 00:18:47z Reply Email sent to jdmorelan@comcast.net{970
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/26 00:18:47z Send another jdmorelan@comcast.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{53
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:56:06z Reply Email sent to cblackburn1947@gmail.com{969
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:55:06z Send another cblackburn1947@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{52
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:54:58z Reply Email sent to ww4mv@yahoo.com{968
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:54:38z Send another ww4mv@yahoo.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{51
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:54:11z Reply Email sent to ericrogers027@gmail.com{967
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:53:11z Send another ericrogers027@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{50
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:52:42z Reply Email sent to thomas.massingale@gmail.com{966
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:52:41z Send another thomas.massingale@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{49
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:50:16z Reply Email sent to thomas.massingale@gmail.com{965
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:50:16z Send another thomas.massingale@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{48
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:33:02z Reply Email sent to dervin316@yahoo.com{963
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:32:06z Reply Email sent to clark.marvin@gmail.com{961
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:31:25z Reply Email sent to kennywtn@yahoo.com{964
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:31:24z Send another kennywtn@yahoo.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{47
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:31:02z Send another dervin316@yahoo.com Hey Coach, Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490 kw{46
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:30:44z Reply Email sent to david.plemons@att.net{959
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:30:26z Reply Email sent to gary@eiff.com{962
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:30:26z Send another gary@eiff.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{45
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:30:06z Send another clark.marvin@gmail.com Howdy Marvin!{44
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:29:37z Reply Email sent to david.plemons@att.net{960
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:29:36z Send another david.plemons@att.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{43
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:28:26z Send another david.plemons@att.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{42
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:28:26z Reply Email sent to darnme2000@yahoo.com{958
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:27:25z Send another darnme2000@yahoo.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{41
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:25:44z Reply Email sent to kc4jiy@yahoo.com{957
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:25:44z Send another kc4jiy@yahoo.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{40
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:25:37z Reply Email sent to sidsattic@bellsouth.net{956
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:25:16z Send another sidsattic@bellsouth.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{39
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:24:29z Reply Email sent to dochjholliday@gmail.com{955
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:24:10z Send another dochjholliday@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{38
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:21:56z Reply Email sent to km4kjp@gmail.com{954
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:21:56z Send another km4kjp@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{37
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:21:30z Reply Email sent to blacksmith4u2002@yahoo.com{953
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:21:30z Send another blacksmith4u2002@yahoo.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{36
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:20:52z Reply Email sent to sparky720@gmx.com{952
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:20:51z Send another sparky720@gmx.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{35
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:19:42z Send another wq4m@comcast.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{34
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:18:20z Reply Email sent to wq4m@comcast.net{951
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:17:41z Reply Email sent to pauleakin@comcast.net{950
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:17:41z Send another pauleakin@comcast.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{33
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:16:19z Reply Email sent to kd4hzl@comcast.net{949
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:16:18z Send another kd4hzl@comcast.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{32
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:15:52z Reply Email sent to ke7gz@comcast.net{948
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:15:52z Send another ke7gz@comcast.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{31
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:15:12z Reply Email sent to rick@rickingram.com{947
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:15:12z Send another rick@rickingram.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{30
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:14:27z Reply Email sent to garrykd4glh@gmail.com{946
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:14:27z Send another garrykd4glh@gmail.com Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{29
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 07/25 21:13:33z Reply Email sent to david_kirksey@bellsouth.net{945
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 07/25 21:13:13z Send another david_kirksey@bellsouth.net Net 8:30pm, tonight 146.490{28
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:39:32z Reply WOODS MEMORIAL-ETOWAH (423)263-3600{35
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:37:04z Reply ATHENS REGIONAL (423)745-1411{34
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 07/24 03:37:02z Send another ?HOSP{27
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:33:48z Reply 2ND MONDAYS ODD MONTHS SEE ?MEET{33
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 07/24 03:33:46z Send another ?TEST{26
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:32:28z Reply kg4fzr@yahoo.com{32
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 07/24 03:32:03z Send another ?EMAIL{25
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:29:57z Reply kg4fzr@yahoo.com{31
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 07/24 03:29:53z Send another ?email{24
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:29:24z Reply Available commands-?TEST{30
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:29:20z Reply Available commands-?EMAIL ?WEB ?HOSP ?FEST{29
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 07/24 03:29:16z Reply Available commands-?MEET ?FREQS ?ECHO{28
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 07/24 03:28:51z Send another ?I{23
KC4OJS AJ4D 07/23 03:57:47z Send another This is from FINDU.COM via APRS & WL2K