KC4OJS messages

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KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 05/26 00:41:46z Send another 73s..kenny
KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 05/26 00:41:10z Send another T141.3
KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 05/26 00:40:33z Send another 441.800 FUSION/R STAR MTN.
KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 05/26 00:35:10z Send another Hey Tripp...!!
KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 05/26 00:30:11z Send another Is this Tripp?{14
KC4OJS KK4BYX-9 05/26 00:28:32z Send another Is this Tripp?{13
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 05/26 00:26:22z Reply www.mcminnarc.com{05
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 05/26 00:26:17z Send another ?web{12
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 05/25 23:03:38z Reply kg4fzr@yahoo.com{04
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 05/25 23:03:33z Send another ?email{11
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 05/25 15:07:37z Reply 2ND MONDAYS ATHENS CITY HALL 7:00PM{03
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 05/25 15:05:38z Send another ?meet{10
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 05/25 15:05:04z Send another ?fest{09
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 05/25 15:04:26z Reply Available commands-?TEST{01
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 05/25 15:04:18z Reply Available commands-?EMAIL ?WEB ?HOSP ?FEST{00
KG4FZR-7 KC4OJS 05/25 15:03:50z Reply Available commands-?MEET ?FREQS ?ECHO{99
KC4OJS KG4FZR-7 05/25 15:03:43z Send another ?I{08
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:29:29z Send another rgr ngt{07
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:28:46z Send another tnx..73s bedtime{06
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:28:09z Reply gone to back room to rfinish rebuilding.{NV}
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:27:42z Reply good luck.{NU}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:26:22z Send another still learning delay settings{05
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:23:33z Reply No. Re-building a putor now for it.{NT}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:22:00z Send another Ever get Moto Rib working?{99
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:21:29z Reply Only using KPC3+, radio and APRSIS32{NS}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:20:32z Send another Using the Signalink{98
KF4YMC KC4OJS 05/20 02:19:52z Reply This is with KPC3+{NR}
KC4OJS KF4YMC 05/20 02:19:16z Send another Hey..this is with UZ7HO{97
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 05/20 02:15:19z Reply Email sent to kennywtn@yahoo.com{927
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 05/20 02:15:18z Send another kennywtn@yahoo.com test{95
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 05/20 02:13:44z Reply Email sent to kennywtn@yahoo.com{926
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 05/20 02:13:24z Send another kennywtn@yahoo.com test{94
KD4HZL KC4OJS 05/01 23:14:26z Reply HELLO. IM TRYING THIS{AT}
N9SIR-1 KC4OJS 04/11 23:42:52z Reply 73{1t}81
KC4OJS N9SIR-1 04/11 23:42:15z Send another 73's Suppertime!{81
N9SIR-1 KC4OJS 04/11 23:37:02z Reply Very nice, I need to get into the MESH sometime..{1s}77
KC4OJS N9SIR-1 04/11 23:36:14z Send another it was sent from client side via MESH{77
N9SIR-1 KC4OJS 04/11 23:35:06z Reply Your welcome, I'am replying email. Glad the bulletin is working..{1r}75
KC4OJS N9SIR-1 04/11 23:33:07z Send another thanks, sent u an email{75
N9SIR-1 KC4OJS 04/11 23:13:13z Reply Received your test message at 15:13 de Tony N9SIR{1p}
KC4OJS BLN 04/11 15:32:50z Send another This is a test of the BLN messaging system
KC4OJS BLN 04/11 14:15:12z Send another test, test
KC4OJS KC4OJS 04/11 14:14:12z Send another test test{73
KC4OJS KC4OJS 04/11 14:10:50z Send another information here is broadcast across the selected network.{72
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:34:45z Reply red {4
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:33:18z Reply button{5
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:33:09z Reply push that{3
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:32:59z Reply to{2
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:32:54z Reply I ready{1
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/11 02:22:00z Reply hey Im world wide {ZE}
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:45:30z Send another email{70
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:44:02z Send another check u{69
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:41:19z Send another seconds{68
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:41:16z Send another in 10{67
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:39:44z Send another launch{66
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:39:36z Send another Rocket {65
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:39:21z Send another button{64
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:36:33z Send another the red{63
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:36:28z Send another Dont press{62
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:33:43z Send another LOL!{61
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:33:17z Send another u c me?{60
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:32:48z Send another I c u{59
KC4OJS KM4BBZ 04/10 02:31:48z Send another u there?{58
KC4OJS KM4BBV-10 04/10 02:10:47z Send another u there?{57
KC4OJS KM4BBV-10 04/10 02:08:04z Send another Ok..u changed the ssid{54
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/10 02:02:53z Send another You rang?{52
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/10 02:01:09z Reply I think I'm up and going{1
KC4OJS KC4OJS 04/09 03:10:49z Send another UIVIEW32
KC4OJS KC4OJS 04/09 03:10:48z Send another ?APRSS
KC4OJS KC4OJS 04/09 03:09:47z Send another Path - KC4OJS>APU25N
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:09:13z Send another ?APRST
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 03:08:00z Reply 73s!!{NK}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:07:25z Send another 73s my friend{51
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 03:06:51z Reply erics? i dont know{NJ}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:06:41z Send another Got 2sleep{50
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 03:01:15z Reply lol howdy{NI}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:00:31z Send another whats Erics{49
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:00:24z Send another did it make it?{48
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:52:03z Reply ok{NH}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:51:13z Send another check ur email{47
EMAIL-2 KC4OJS 04/09 02:49:59z Reply Email sent to sidsattic@bellsouth.net{1224
KC4OJS EMAIL-2 04/09 02:49:59z Send another sidsattic@bellsouth.net Howdy! kw{46
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:47:46z Reply jeepguy40tj@gmail.com{NG}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:47:29z Reply sidsattic@bellsouth.net{NF}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:47:13z Send another its ok{45
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:46:59z Reply on here{NE}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:46:05z Send another yes{44
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:45:54z Reply you want mine?{ND}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:44:56z Send another ur email address?{43
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:44:12z Send another then teach me{42
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:40:59z Reply zooming in on japan{NC}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:40:42z Reply yep{NB}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:40:42z Send another around and learn{41
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:40:35z Reply mapping to japan'{NA}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:39:56z Reply right{MZ}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:39:49z Reply it drew a line from old position{MY}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:39:16z Send another But u can mess{40
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:38:37z Reply oh dear{MX}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:38:20z Send another Dont know what line means{39