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KC4OJS KC4OJS-7 12/24 21:06:41z Send another Merry Christmas
KE4IQS KC4OJS 12/24 00:21:41z Reply hello OJS De KE4IQS{09
KD4STT KC4OJS 12/22 12:56:29z Reply good morning kenny{TW}
WX0EMT-7 KC4OJS 12/09 01:53:15z Reply hi kenny{01
KD4STT kc4ojs 11/25 13:32:20z Reply thanks kenny for finding that item, it is on the way should be here{DG}
KD4STT kc4ojs 11/24 21:08:37z Reply Hey Dummy!{LD}
KD4STT kc4ojs 11/24 21:05:16z Reply ?APRSP