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W9SOX-9 KC4JGC-14 11/28 14:35:33z Reply hello and stay warm{23
KC4JGC-14 K4APR-8 11/22 20:47:50z Send another HELLO!
KC4JGC-14 K 11/22 20:46:16z Send another HELLO.
KC4JGC-14 KC4PL-9 11/14 18:51:48z Send another QSX 444.975/162.2 if u like QSO
KC4JGC-14 KC4PL-9 11/14 18:40:44z Send another QRZ QRZ 146.52 KC4JGC H HEAR U ON VOICE ALERT
ANSRVR KC4JGC-14 11/10 01:41:52z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{SM}
KJ7STI-9 KC4JGC-14 11/10 01:39:08z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday Greetings from Utah DN40
N2KOJ-4 KC4JGC-14 11/10 01:35:59z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY APRSTHURSDAY 73 N2KOJ
KF4LMZ KC4JGC-14 11/10 01:26:55z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Rock Hill, South Carolina
K9ZEV KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:57:50z Reply N:HOTG good evening from Peru Indiana... hope all are well!
K9SWX-7 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:49:30z Reply N:HOTG Stan EN50
9W2FAS-5 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:48:21z Reply N:HOTG happy aprst today Thursday de 9w2fas
N2JOV-9 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:32:12z Reply N:HOTG from flemington nj
KH6OWL-9 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:26:43z Reply N:HOTG aloha APRS Thursday 73 KH6owl
N5TXZ-1 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:26:32z Reply N:HOTG Exercising the Net for #APRSthursday, 73 from Plano, Tejas!
ND9DW-9 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:16:22z Reply N:HOTG ITM
KB1CRN-14 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:08:27z Reply N:HOTG See you all next week
KC1SOO-7 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:05:29z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Gloucester,MA,USA
KD5FMU-4 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:04:02z Reply N:HOTG www.hamradiolife.org
KD9YOO-10 KC4JGC-14 11/10 00:03:47z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday checkin 73 everyone
WE1H-10 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:43:47z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from NH
VA6BCL-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:41:48z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Calgary
N8JLK-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:13:33z Reply N:HOTG ***. HAPPY APRSTHURSDAY! ***
VK4VVK-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:13:22z Reply N:HOTG Good day APRS lovers
KK5WTF-4 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:12:00z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thursday from NOLA
KD9YHO KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:08:13z Reply N:HOTG #HAPPYAPRSTHURSDAY 73
K0AKV-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:01:58z Reply N:HOTG happy aprsthursday from overcast and windy north Dakota! 73
VE6RAW-10 KC4JGC-14 11/09 23:00:20z Reply N:HOTG hello from Calgary Canada
K8JTT-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 22:59:53z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday Have a great week de K8JTT
VE6RAW-10 KC4JGC-14 11/09 22:55:39z Reply N:HOTG hello from Calgary Canada. #aprsthursday
TA3E-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 22:55:30z Reply N:HOTG 73 km38oh Turkiye
XE1ALV-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 22:41:49z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Queretaro MX. DL90so
KD4ADC-1 KC4JGC-14 11/09 22:30:41z Reply N:HOTG Hello #APRSthursday! KD4ADC EM74 via RF FTM3100/DigiPi
KG5DWM KC4JGC-14 11/09 22:26:38z Reply N:HOTG Hello from humid and drizzly Conroe, Tx! 73 EM20fi
N2RWE-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:58:11z Reply N:HOTG Greetingsfrom Grand Island New York USA
R2BBS-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:55:50z Reply N:HOTG from RR3AAC 10m-band Moscow with love
K4JSY-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:52:06z Reply N:HOTG 73's from virginia beach va
EA2ANS-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:43:00z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Basque country
WH6OMG-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:17:45z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from Hawaii WH6OMG
YB8XM-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:14:16z Reply N:HOTG Hello all from Ambon Island
HP1CDW-2 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:07:00z Reply N:HOTG 73 desde Panama
SM2YUW-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:00:59z Reply N:HOTG Making 1200 Baud Cool Again! 73 de SM2YUW via FT3d
KE2AEQ-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:00:05z Reply N:HOTG .second checkin. happy #APRSThursday everyone{0q}DP
KE2AEQ-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 21:00:00z Reply N:HOTG .second checkin. happy #APRSThursday everyone
AB1PH-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:58:02z Reply N:HOTG AB1PH Don Walpole MA via APRS-IS only
N7WDZ-3 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:52:15z Reply N:HOTG Happy Vets Day TY 4 ur service Gene in Vegas 73
K2RNA-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:51:44z Reply N:HOTG greetings from Seattle!
DC7MF-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:42:46z Reply N:HOTG 73 to all
VK3PMR KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:41:59z Reply N:HOTG Hello from the city of the Melbourne Cup #APRSTHURSDAY
KK7IWW-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:41:51z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday de KK7IWW DM26 Vegas baby
KD2UWR-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:41:45z Reply N:HOTG via Lora. Let's get Lora going in USA
KM6GUO-4 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:38:31z Reply N:HOTG Geyserville, California
VE3YOA-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:33:47z Reply N:HOTG and the circle of 1200 baud continues fr FN03
AC9TR-4 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:31:09z Reply N:HOTG de ac9tr in Indiana
KG6IMR-3 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:27:00z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Hatteras Island, NC USA
NP4JN-11 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:15:55z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Cayey Puerto Rico de NP4JN 73
KB3KBR-2 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:10:16z Reply N:HOTG happy aprsthursday!!
EA2FAR-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:08:23z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRSthursday from Basque Country!
KD4MBW-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:06:58z Reply N:HOTG Hi from Pamama City Florida Hal
KI7KUI-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 20:01:23z Reply N:HOTG Packets galore! Happy #aprsthursday. Cheers & 73 from WA
KD0BXJ-3 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:55:05z Reply N:HOTG A sunny #APRSThursday
KD9TNU-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:53:08z Reply N:HOTG CHECKIN WI
K4TXN-4 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:46:22z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Huntsville Texas
KG5EUX-2 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:45:36z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Seven Points, Texas. Where the best meets the west!
K4TXN-4 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:44:53z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Huntsville TX
N2DRB-1 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:42:11z Reply N:HOTG 73 N2DRB
KG5GJT KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:40:24z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from New Orleans, LA, The Big Easy. 73
N3PKJ-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:34:28z Reply N:HOTG Checking in from NWPA 73 all
YT2DT-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:27:59z Reply N:HOTG Making 1200 baut fun again from Krusevac, Serbia
F8ARO-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:26:57z Reply N:HOTG Test via DMR
EA2EYI-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:26:22z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRSthursday from IN82
KM6KPW-2 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:22:52z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday check in from Golden Valley, AZ - de KM6KPW
SM2YUW-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:14:28z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Kiruna, Sweden! 73 de SM2YUW via FT3d
YO3FVR-15 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:04:36z Reply N:HOTG #APRSthursday 2nd check-in via HF APRS. 73!
KC1JFN-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 19:03:05z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Good day all around 73
HK6IOP-5 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:59:32z Reply N:HOTG saludos desde Neiva Colonbia
W8JES-15 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:50:47z Reply N:HOTG Hello Friday.... hi hi
KM7N-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:47:39z Reply N:HOTG Happy #aprsthursday from Tucson AZ from my FTM-300
KL0T KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:45:18z Reply N:HOTG 73 de Loren in IL via openspotv4
HP1CDW-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:44:41z Reply N:HOTG 73 de HP1PCR & HP1GDP
HP1CDW-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:43:53z Reply N:HOTG Saludos desde Panama, 73
KC5AV KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:42:04z Reply N:HOTG kc5av-9 EM22tm #aprsThursday 1109
F8ARO-10 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:40:27z Reply N:HOTG Bonjour de France
KF0IFE KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:38:49z Reply N:HOTG happy Thursday from Colorado Springs!
HP1CDZ-4 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:38:29z Reply N:HOTG cheers fm Panama 73's #APRSTHURSDAY
KJ5IK-9 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:30:26z Reply N:HOTG Howdy! At home in Canyon Lake, TX this week.
KM4TDC-11 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:24:15z Reply N:HOTG HIGHLAND VIRGINNIA
TI2BSH KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:15:09z Reply N:HOTG Greetins Costa Rica #APRSThursday 73 V DMR
W0XZ KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:13:11z Reply N:HOTG Rock chalk!
KE7VIN-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 18:08:08z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Chandler AZ
M1CDP-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:57:17z Reply N:HOTG good evening from IO92pm
HK7JA KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:54:24z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Feliz dia FJ35mr
HK7JA KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:51:51z Reply N:HOTG feliz dia FJ35mr
AA1PR KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:38:55z Reply N:HOTG hello #aprsthursday from vt
WA2NDV-10 KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:36:24z Reply N:HOTG WA2NDV New York
KD9UIT-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:35:50z Reply N:HOTG hi 73 KD9UIT
KC3ROB KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:33:47z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from not so sunny and very chilly pa
KD9UIT-7 KC4JGC-14 11/09 17:30:16z Reply N:HOTG 73 KD9UIT