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KC3BLF N3XG-4 06/03 20:21:13z Send another Greetings from KC3BLF{CL}
SMSGTE KC3BLF 05/08 11:08:57z Reply @6103494899 Did this get routed through an internet connected syste{M873
EMAIL-2 KC3BLF 05/06 21:36:35z Reply Email sent to mikemandell@hotmail.com{SB}PO
KC3BLF EMAIL-2 05/06 21:35:34z Send another mikemandell@hotmail.com enter message here.{PO}
EMAIL-2 KC3BLF 05/06 21:34:09z Reply Email sent to mikemandell@hotmail.com{SA}PM
KC3BLF N3XG-4 05/06 21:18:39z Send another getting you direct RF from over by TPKE{PP}
KC3BLF SMSGTE 05/06 21:12:14z Send another @6103494899 Greeting. SMS from VHF radio. Magic. {PN}
EMAIL-2 KC3BLF 05/06 21:08:51z Reply Email sent to mikemandell@hotmail.com{S9}PM
KC3BLF EMAIL-2 05/06 21:07:51z Send another mikemandell@hotmail.com transmission test{PM}
SMSGTE KC3BLF 05/06 19:42:59z Reply @4847641600 Message Received at 1542 hours{M786
KC3BLF SMSGTE 05/06 19:41:42z Send another @4847641600 sms fm radio{01
KC3BLF N3RPV-9 04/27 20:55:42z Send another see you mobile. can you see race objects?{TK}
WHO-IS KC3BLF 04/27 20:55:40z Reply E/Robert J Brennan/PA/United States{Q0}TL
KC3BLF WHO-IS 04/27 20:55:40z Send another KC3CKV{TL}