KC1DAW messages

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SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 16:26:07z Reply Message to KC1DAW delivered{C3716
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 16:26:04z Send another @KC1DAW? cc{QJ}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:49:43z Reply The alias dad and SSID DR now represent 8602099370{C3715
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:49:42z Send another #alias add dad 8602099370 DR{QI}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:45:40z Reply Your position was sent to @kc1daw{C3714
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:45:39z Send another #mapme @KC1DAW{QH}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:44:43z Reply The alias mom and SSID KR now represent 8603064932{C3712
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:44:42z Send another #alias add Mom 8603064932 KR{QG}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:44:21z Reply The SSID cannot be longer than 2 characters{C3711
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:44:21z Send another #alias add Mom 8603064932 Mom{QF}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:43:35z Reply The command does not exist{C3710
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:43:35z Send another # alias add Mom 8603064932{QE}
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:41:18z Send another @KC1DAW cc{QD}
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:40:52z Send another @KC1DAW CC{QC}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:40:40z Reply The word cc will be replaced by: Comms Check{C3709
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:40:40z Send another #shortcut add CC Comms Check{QB}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:38:16z Reply The number 8603050180 has been associated with this callsign.{C3708
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:38:15z Send another #mynumber add 8603050180{QA}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:07:12z Reply @8609516343 I know{M3707
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:03:43z Send another instead of over a celluar network{PZ}
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:03:42z Send another @8609516343 I know but im actualy testing you through a radio+{PY}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/16 15:02:33z Reply @8609516343 Tool{M3706
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:01:52z Send another something{PX}
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 15:01:51z Send another @8609516343 Hey sam its Justin don't mind me im just testing+{PW}
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/16 14:58:06z Send another @8603050180 Hey there hows it going{PV}
EMAIL-2 KC1DAW 11/16 14:54:27z Reply Email sent to Justrutt@gmail.com{BU}PU
KC1DAW EMAIL-2 11/16 14:54:26z Send another Justrutt@gmail.com APRS IS Testing Email{PU}
ANSRVR KC1DAW 11/16 14:40:36z Reply No Memberships
CQSRVR KC1DAW 11/16 14:40:36z Reply No active groups.{7U}PT
KC1DAW CQSRVR 11/16 14:40:35z Send another L{PT}
KC1DAW ANSRVR 11/16 14:40:35z Send another L{PS}
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/13 20:03:37z Reply @8603050180 reply{M3576
SMSGTE KC1DAW 11/13 20:03:30z Reply @8603050180 Reply{M3575
KC1DAW SMSGTE 11/13 19:57:31z Send another @8603050180 APRSIS testing{AP}
EMAIL-2 KC1DAW 11/13 19:56:35z Reply Email sent to Justrutt@gmail.com{D6}AO
KC1DAW EMAIL-2 11/13 19:56:35z Send another Justrutt@gmail.com APRSIS32 Email test{AO}