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SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/12 11:47:28z Reply @jakop when do u need me to pick u up?{M7445
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/11 16:15:20z Reply @chris Got the message. Thanks{M7425
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/11 15:42:39z Reply @jakop That is great!! Thank u{M7424
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/11 15:10:59z Send another @jakop on track{130
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/11 15:06:32z Send another @mom doing well{129
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/11 14:50:47z Send another @chris day 3 on schedule{128
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/11 14:50:32z Send another @mom doing great{127
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/11 00:06:24z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7381
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 23:30:41z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7380
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 23:04:47z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7379
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 22:14:18z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7378
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 21:37:37z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7377
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 21:06:32z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7376
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 21:05:27z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7375
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 20:06:52z Reply @jakop you ok?{M7374
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 19:44:13z Reply @jakop hey Dave you ok?{M7373
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 18:17:29z Reply @chris Please let me know you're ok{M7371
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 16:29:56z Reply @jakop you there?{M7369
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 11:40:42z Reply @jakop you there?{M7363
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 11:06:41z Reply @jakop you there?{M7336
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 10:33:41z Reply @jakop you there?{M7332
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 09:08:47z Reply @jakop you there?{M7331
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 03:37:15z Reply @chris Are you ok{M7324
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 03:10:48z Reply @jakop you there?{M7321
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 02:31:55z Reply @jakop did you make it?{M7314
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 01:34:11z Reply @jakop Did u make it?{M7307
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 01:23:03z Reply @jakop Did u make it?{M7304
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 01:10:01z Reply @jakop Did u make it?{M7301
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/10 00:21:53z Reply @jakop Hey Dave you ok. Did you make it? It's 8:21pm{M7298
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/09 23:54:05z Reply @jakop Our home #9195680903{M7297
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/09 23:51:18z Reply @jakop Did you make it?{M7296
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/09 23:36:14z Reply @jakop Hey Dave you ok. Did you make it?{M7295
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/09 21:58:14z Reply @jakop Hey Dave we got home about 5:30pm hope your well. It's 5:52 {M7284
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/09 02:38:29z Reply @chris Reply{M7219
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/07 00:22:53z Reply @jakop Hey you ok don't die on me!{M7147
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/07 00:22:08z Send another @jakop test{107
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/07 00:21:48z Reply @jakop test 5{M7146
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/06 22:05:10z Send another @me testy{106
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/06 22:04:54z Send another @me farmtest{105
KC1AHK SMSGTE 07/06 22:04:14z Send another @me farm{104
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 21:09:10z Reply @me red{M7140
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 21:08:25z Reply @me tr{M7139
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:49:27z Reply @chris again{M7138
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:47:47z Reply @chris deck{M7137
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:40:16z Reply @chris out test{M7136
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:37:05z Reply @jakop test 4{M7135
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:32:19z Reply @jakop test 3{M7134
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:30:29z Reply @jakop test 2{M7133
SMSGTE KC1AHK 07/06 20:29:09z Reply @jakop test{M7132
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 03:48:57z Reply @me rec 3{M6654
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 03:45:40z Reply @me room received 2{M6653
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 03:40:39z Send another @dad ham radio test{84
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 03:37:57z Reply @me room received{M6652
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 03:31:18z Send another @me room{83
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 03:27:33z Send another @me sleep{81
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 03:24:50z Reply @me sleep2{M6651
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 03:21:52z Send another @me sleep{82
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 02:58:33z Reply @me bed{M6650
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 02:50:43z Send another @me bathroom{77
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 02:37:37z Reply @me out rain 3{M6647
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 02:36:52z Reply @me Out rain 2{M6646
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 02:30:11z Reply @me out rain{M6645
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 02:29:45z Send another @dad ham radio test{76
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/26 02:28:59z Send another @me aprs rain{75
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/26 02:26:13z Reply @me rain{M6643
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/25 22:55:00z Reply @me out test{M6633
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/25 22:50:42z Reply @me outside3{M6632
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/25 22:48:24z Reply @me outside 2{M6631
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/25 22:46:23z Reply @me test outside{M6630
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/25 22:07:26z Send another @me test4{68
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/25 22:03:17z Reply @me test phone2{M6627
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/25 22:03:16z Reply @me test phone{M6626
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/25 22:01:28z Send another @me test 3{67
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/18 23:39:25z Reply @d jello{M6113
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/18 23:34:07z Reply @d yup{M6112
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/18 23:33:52z Reply @d Hi{M6111
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/18 23:33:04z Reply @d Hi{M6110
SMSGTE KC1AHK 06/18 23:32:45z Reply @d Hello{M6109
KC1AHK SMSGTE 06/18 23:31:09z Send another @dad test{59