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KF0ED KC0NOX 12/20 21:31:33z Reply heading to B-K now?!{TD}
KF0ED KC0NOX 12/20 13:33:39z Reply Shudda went to B-K!{TC}
KF0ED KC0NOX 12/15 12:49:26z Reply test{KC}
KF0ED KC0NOX 12/01 13:02:30z Reply it's a cold one, Joe!{WD}
KC0NOX KF0ED 12/01 13:02:10z Send another hi{2
KF0ED KC0NOX 12/01 13:01:41z Reply gm{WC}
KC0NOX KF0ED 11/26 11:05:21z Send another yep{1
KF0ED KC0NOX 11/26 11:00:20z Reply Must have bn an emergency procedure.{HX}
KC0NOX KF0ED 11/20 19:21:24z Send another you?{0
KF0ED KC0NOX 11/20 19:20:37z Reply Bak on firenet again{VH}