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KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 14:23:10z Reply 73s hgd kc8emf..{74
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 14:22:50z Reply be home in afternoon.going find clamps for bigger pipe cb ant..{73
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/19 14:22:15z Reply hi ollie fell asleep in chair last nite eh?{72
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/18 16:23:51z Reply before that crated this mess yet?{71
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/18 16:19:44z Reply just talked jerry on echolink he said it was the hacker from{70
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/17 12:34:03z Reply hello junos need reboot or something goofy?{57
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/09 14:16:20z Reply ill try catch u tonite if home here?{54
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/09 14:13:33z Reply went from nocall to kc8emf-7 it came through?{53
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/09 14:12:45z Reply gm ollie! ur at work i suppose...got packets finaly at silo..{52
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/08 12:51:56z Reply 73s hgd...kc8emf...{50
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/08 12:51:39z Reply its cking it fb.. but he must found something wrong i dont know?{49
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/08 12:51:05z Reply jerry packeted said rebbot ur junos.? seems be ok here ?{48
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/06 13:24:05z Reply hello! been out feilds working up ground?{47
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 05/06 00:47:39z Reply u ho,me u{46
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/30 00:39:52z Reply put in alarms box on echolink..{44
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/30 00:39:25z Reply the 146880...machine put in w8cdz-r.to get grab on bruce ke8dcj.{43
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/30 00:37:06z Reply if ur home put in w8jwn-r for 146850 machine{42
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/29 12:29:55z Reply 73s hgd..{41
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/29 12:29:43z Reply supposed rain but? see how things go..{40
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/29 12:29:16z Reply might be fishing ill see?{39
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/29 02:00:58z Send another I will try to catch you tomorrow night.. 73s{70
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/28 22:14:15z Send another we are home, it was a nice day for a road trip.{69
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/28 20:52:36z Reply going up church tonite.kids are in a program so..{38
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/28 15:21:53z Send another truck.{68
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/28 15:21:49z Send another k we will be heading out here in a bit, i will have 82 on in{67
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/28 15:12:21z Reply going church then home i guiess.{37
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/28 15:12:03z Reply had work feikd yesterday..today be around for while anyhow{36
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/28 14:53:38z Send another good morning, i have to run to Marquette today will radio on.{66
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/27 14:02:20z Reply u home u?{35
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/26 01:41:25z Reply had clean grill tonite after cooked.. took while so?{34
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/26 01:17:01z Reply here now?{32
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/25 23:37:26z Send another hi you, you around there tonight?{65
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/25 20:42:29z Reply put them in alarms box..73s...{31
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/25 20:41:57z Reply machine in lance.and iron mtn machine hooked also w8jwn-r...{30
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/25 20:41:00z Reply if want set up for bruce try w8cdz-r.....hooked up echolink to 88{29
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/25 20:40:16z Reply hello ollie missed u last nite...{28
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/20 13:29:31z Reply hello u!{24
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/20 02:33:39z Send another I will try 73s.{64
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/20 02:33:27z Send another missed you today going to try to catch you maybe in the morning.{63
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/19 14:36:11z Send another you still around there?{62
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/19 14:26:05z Reply u just send way u always do ill get in silo.{23
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/19 14:25:22z Reply for introdution on outpost..{22
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/19 14:25:09z Reply he got it set to no call on the instead -8 or what ever was useing{21
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/19 14:24:29z Reply jerry went in one day or another got working now so..{20
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/19 14:23:57z Reply spent quite few hours on this tnc couldnt figure it out{19
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/19 14:23:18z Reply if gone went farm dont know when get back.. on be in out here..{18
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/19 14:09:38z Send another good morning going for a walk and will try you when I get back.{61
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/18 01:23:07z Reply hello u!{17
N0MR KB8HHQ 04/14 01:21:33z Reply I'll check all the callsigns.{20
KB8HHQ N0MR 04/14 01:20:28z Send another noprob, I think the tnc at the house is his -10 but not sure.{60
N0MR KB8HHQ 04/14 01:17:13z Reply Maybe later if time or tomorrow sometime.{19
N0MR KB8HHQ 04/14 01:16:59z Reply Son's birthday so might not get to Pat's puter tonight.{18
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/13 20:51:26z Send another you around you?{59
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/13 20:32:39z Reply u home u?{15
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/11 00:48:59z Reply so far so gd...{05
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 04/11 00:48:38z Send another hi there{58
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 04/11 00:46:54z Reply hello ollie!{04
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/26 00:47:55z Reply u around shack tonite?{93
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/24 00:58:23z Reply packet 723s kc8emf out for nite{92
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/24 00:58:12z Reply going up watch lwarence welk..if want something send text or{91
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/24 00:57:39z Reply maybe 12 bells?{90
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/24 00:57:26z Reply i have those boxes in my truck..ill run up after church with them?{89
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/18 00:24:58z Reply here at 725{85
KB8HHQ KC8EMF 03/17 23:50:13z Send another good evening, just got down here.{57
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/17 15:41:33z Reply went fishing yesterday afternoon{84
KC8EMF KB8HHQ 03/17 15:41:14z Reply gm ollie im home now?{83