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N7QXH-7 KB7WUK 01/31 20:07:42z Reply Hello{37
N7QXH-7 KB7WUK 01/31 20:07:38z Reply Hello{36
KB7WUK BLN001 12/30 05:10:16z Send another Thanks to KC7ZZB, N9PP, and KG7IRB for vehicle rescue.
WB7TIM-7 KB7WUK 12/30 04:58:04z Reply im glad u are ok. {51
KF7JSM-1 KB7WUK 12/30 04:51:28z Reply Right on .{40
KF7JSM-1 KB7WUK 12/30 04:37:06z Reply Right on0 .{39