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KB7IOG-10 AJ7U 10/04 23:11:11z Send another cool stuff{1M}
KB7IOG-10 K7KDG-9 09/30 02:03:52z Send another Hi Doug, Garrett here,Have a great day. 73 OM{1L}
KB7IOG-10 K7KDG-9 09/28 17:53:31z Send another KB7IOG says Hi! Have a wonderful Day 73' OM{1K}
KB7IOG-10 AE7ZE-1 09/25 01:14:38z Send another The correct usage is 73, not 73's. With that said, "73 OM"{1J}46
AE7ZE-1 KB7IOG-10 09/25 00:18:00z Reply 73's - PUYALLUP{46