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KB4LHP-8 KB4LHP-5 06/14 19:55:07z Reply TNX/73{29
KB4LHP-5 K5LEH 06/14 19:51:36z Send another Can youy see this message? Fri Jun 14 @ 19:46:35 UTC{C0008
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/14 19:51:19z Send another Hello{C0001
KB4LHP-8 KB4LHP-5 06/14 19:46:55z Reply AA:73 de Luther KB4LHP EL98 Orlando, FL
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/14 19:45:17z Send another testing{C0004
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/14 19:43:20z Send another testing{C0007
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/14 19:41:40z Send another Can you see this message 15:41:40{C0006
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/14 19:40:55z Send another testing{C0005
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/14 19:38:26z Send another Can yoiu see this message? 15:38:23{C0002
KB4LHP-8 KB4LHP-5 06/14 19:37:40z Reply Hello{28
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 16:02:44z Reply anytime. {BS}0D
KB4LHP-5 N4TRN 06/13 16:02:33z Send another Very true. TY Agn.{0D}BR
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 16:01:54z Reply If you do not ask, you will never know. {BR}0C
KB4LHP-5 N4TRN 06/13 16:01:15z Send another Not sure I would want to bother him with a non-APRESCE/32 problem{0C}BQ
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 16:00:50z Reply Ok, I am not up on that. : ) {BQ}0B
KB4LHP-5 N4TRN 06/13 16:00:27z Send another TY, but I use Direwolf, YAAC and Xastier on a Linux box.{0B}BP
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 13:07:12z Reply green forum tab near the top header. {BP}0A
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 13:07:11z Reply web page: aprsisce.wikidot.com... create an account. look at the+{BO}0A
KB4LHP-5 N4TRN 06/13 13:02:39z Send another thank you. which aprs discussion group?{0A}BN
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 12:01:20z Reply beyond my knowledged. ask lynn on the aprs disscussion group. {BN}09
KB4LHP-5 N4TRN 06/13 11:52:40z Send another It will digi other stations, just not my own. It's a puzzle.{09}BM
KB4LHP-5 N4TRN 06/13 11:51:51z Send another Thank you. Still trying to figure ou why my digi refuses to digi{08}BM
N4TRN KB4LHP-5 06/13 11:38:43z Reply copy on test. {BM}
KB4LHP-5 K5LEH-9 06/11 22:21:10z Send another exit{0002
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-9 06/09 14:38:41z Send another an you hear me now?{M0001
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-9 06/09 12:40:14z Send another Testing YAA APRS lient{M0001
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-9 06/09 11:37:13z Send another Are you there Luther???{07}
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/09 10:41:26z Send another Testing{06}
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-9 06/09 10:32:25z Send another TestingCQ{05}
KB4LHP-5 CQ 06/09 10:23:49z Send another CQTesting{04}
KB4LHP-5 KB4LHP-8 06/08 19:34:25z Send another Hello from Luther in Orlando, FL{03}
KB4LHP-5 CQ 06/08 16:35:03z Send another Luther in Orlando. Testing{01}