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EMAIL-2 KB3YKW-9 09/10 19:17:46z Reply Email sent to 4434771777@vtext.com{1084
KB3YKW-9 EMAIL-2 09/10 19:17:46z Send another 4434771777@vtext.com Radio buzz mcallister{03
EMAIL-2 KB3YKW-9 09/10 03:11:21z Reply Email sent to 4109245348@vtext.com{1083
KB3YKW-9 EMAIL-2 09/10 03:11:21z Send another 4109245348@vtext.com Radio buzz mcallister{02
EMAIL-2 KB3YKW-9 09/10 02:43:42z Reply Email sent to 9035199351@vtext.com{1082
KB3YKW-9 EMAIL-2 09/10 02:43:42z Send another 9035199351@vtext.com 73{01
EMAIL-2 KB3YKW-9 08/20 02:38:26z Reply Email sent to 7169015632@messaging.sprintpcs.com{23
KB3YKW-9 EMAIL-2 08/20 02:38:26z Send another 7169015632@messaging.sprintpcs.com jerry garcia is god.{04