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N3SRO-11 KB2SNE-13 03/30 17:40:57z Reply hello from FL290{1
KD2GRC-1 KB2SNE-13 03/20 15:28:52z Reply who is ny3h-2 i keepgetting status special from them{ZB}
KB2SNE-7 KB2SNE-13 03/08 17:58:47z Reply test message{1
KD2GRC-1 KB2SNE-13 03/03 18:20:29z Reply hey{IF}
KB2SNE-13 N2XDD-B 02/20 13:33:24z Send another good morning. roger your message.
N2XD KB2SNE-13 02/19 20:33:12z Reply HI{0
KB2SNE-13 KD2OYO-1 02/16 18:21:55z Send another hey rich. up and running aprs in the MEOC{1